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iDiwali - an Interactive Ramayana Book

iDiwali - an Interactive Ramayana Book

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iDiwali - an Interactive Diwali and Ramayana Book

iDiwali is a first of its kind interactive story and activity book launched in India. The Ramayana story is reinforced through an amazing array of activities and coloring, math, crafts, tracing, stickers and more.

iDiwali interactive book summarizes the story of Ramayana in 10 chapters with reinforcing activities in each chapter. As the kids go through the book, they build the pebble stone bridge from Lanka to India, they go through the emotions of different characters when Lord Rama is sent to exile, they learn about the magical powers of Hanuman and also recreate different rituals from a Traditional Indian Wedding. In addition to the story, there are Diwali experience activities with card stock and stickers to make your own Diwali greetings, Diwali lantern and all classic Diwali experience activities – food, gifts, fireworks, rangoli, lights and diya. Oodles of sensational Diwali stickers.

An experience and engaging Diwali book which will be treasured by kids of all ages.

One book – the story of Ramayana integrated with 18 activities.

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