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Think Outside the Pot

Think Outside the Pot

Think Outside the Pot

Think outside the Pot

In the last 3 years, every year I have been fortunate to learn germination projects for kids with different ideas- I am amazed beyond words!

In this thread, I will introduce 3 Germination project for kids.

Project 1/3 - Seed Germination in an old CD case! 
Materials needed - Old CD case, paper napkin, small tray or a plate with edges, a piece of foam or anything else to hold the Cd case upright.

Fold the paper napkin - multi fold like making a fan and then fit into the cd case - the side which it opens from, the paper towel should fit inside the cd case width wise but should hang out length wise to absorb the water from the tray. Put the seed on the paper napkin and close the cd case. Balance the cd case on a cut piece of foam/stand and place it on the tray. Place it where it can get a good sunlight. Put water in the tray and the paper napkin will absorb water and moisturize the seed in the cd case. We used sunflower and pumpkin seed in this project. The transparent plastic slide with a square grid is optional to help children measure the growth of the sprout.

Idea inspirations from the class of Teacher Rindala , RAFT projects!

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Project 2/3 Sponge Germination

This is the one project which got me most excited last Christmas, and more so for the a beautiful story that goes with it.

Let’s talk quickly about the craft first and then the story of Saint Barbara.

The Craft: A house hold sponge (like a dishwashing or cleaning sponge) and some seeds. You can choose wheat or grass seeds.
Step 1: With a marker trace a shape or picture on the sponge and cut it to shape - this is an optional step. You can use the rectangle whole sponge. 
Step 2: Soak the sponges in water, and then squeeze out about half the liquid. 
Step 3: Place a plate under the sponge, and spread the seeds or beans on the sponge
Step 5: Put your sponge garden in a sunny spot inside the house, and water it daily. Make sure the seeds don’t dry out.

In 10 days or so, you will have your own sponge farm . 

Once you are pro at this, you can get really creative – build a house or a boat shaped sponge farm or possibly any 3d shape.

Story of Saint Barbara…
The legend of Saint Barbara who was believed to witness a miracle. She had secretly become a Christian and flee away from her house and ran through freshly planted wheat fields, which grew instantly to cover her path. The general belief among some Christians is that Saint Barbara disguised herself as many different characters to elude the Romans who were persecuting her. Saint Barabara day is celebrated on December 4th and in some middle eastern countries on December 17th and is also popularly called the Christian Halloween day.
This miracle is recreated symbolically today by planting wheat seeds on Saint Barbara’s feast day. The seeds germinate and grow up to around 6 inches in time for Christmas, when the shoots are used to decorate the nativity scene usually placed below the Christmas tree.

So here are the pictures of our little sponge plant. 

Idea and story inspiration from the class of Teacher Rindala.

Sponge Sprouts - 

Image may contain: food     
Wash                                                             Squeeze
Image may contain: 1 person, indoor   Image may contain: 1 person, child and indoor   
Put it on a tray (shallow water tray)                      Now put some seeds-
Image may contain: food      Image may contain: food    
Project 3/3 Ziplock and Cotton Balls Germination

Steps:  Put a seed/ beans in a ziplock bag, add 2/3 cotton balls , and spray a few drops of water. Close the ziplock bag and stick it to your window/where there is good sunlight. Every day spray a few drops of water. and see the seed/bean germinate. 


Here are some images from a Vitamin Simple Supermom Neelima Mohite from her ziplock germination project -

Happy Planting! Happy Spring!


"Simple-y" yours,

Miss K