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Valentine's day

Valentine's day

Valentine's day

❤️ Valentine-isms❤️
The last few years since I had my twins (a week short of 5 now!) , we celebrate, decorate and indulge in festivities year round. My fire place mantle is the showcase of the theme of the house, and this time I have a Valentine village with crafts and cards and just so much love and all exclusively created by the kids. I am sharing a few images in this post - and I would love to see your lovelies and their creations too! Please post them in the comments.

I want to highlight some of the valentine themed activities that kids have participated throughout the week, but before that lets just learn some of the buzz words and their history with the Valentine's day celebration.

 Valentine - Saint Valentines secretly married young boys and girls and was sentenced to death. There was a law in the roman empire for boys to not become husbands so they could be better soldiers. Feb 14 was set as a day to celebrate Saint Valentine's Day. The feast day’s earliest associations with love may have been inherited from the ancient Romans festival celebrated between Feb. 13 and Feb. 15 where a matchmaking lottery would pair men and women up during the festival.

 Cupid - In Roman mythology, Cupid is the son of Venus, the goddess of love who fell in love with Psyche against his mothers wishes. Cupid married Psyche on the condition that she should never look at him and he would visit her only in the night. One night inspite of this condition, she lit a lamp so she could see him and hence Cupid left her. Psyche approached Venus who gave her a task to deliver a box, but not open it. But again, she opened the box and fell lifeless on the ground. Cupid, who really loved Psyche forgave her and got her back and the gods then made Psyche a goddess.

 Color Red-The color red is known to make our blood pressure rise, as well as our heart and respiration rate. That’s why red is the color of Valentine’s Day. There is also research that this color heightens attraction towards mates (human and animals).

 Flowers- The history of giving flowers to loved ones comes from the old-fashioned custom of non-verbal messages. In 18th century Sweden, each flower had a specific meaning attached to it, making it possible to have an entire conversation using only flowers.

 Candies/Chocolates - Valentine’s Day blossomed as an increasingly popular late winter-early spring holiday. Richard Cadbury, manufactured chocolate and came up with “eating chocolates”. He designed lovely boxes and packaged the chocolates. In 1861, Cadbury began putting the Cupids and rosebuds on heart-shaped boxes, even when the chocolates had been eaten, people could use the beautiful boxes to save such mementos as love letters.

**Each of this Valentine-isms have a few other iterations. In this post, I have covered some of the popular historical linkages. This information is gathered from multiple sources/websites/magazines.

Now to the some of the Featured activities my kids have participated -

1. Passing the Heart (class of Teacher Verna Rego) - 20 kids in the class - each one had to label their heart shaped card, and they played passing the heart. The kids wrote a message, and when the teacher said shuffle the kids passed the card to the next person .. at the end 20 unique and beautiful messages in each kids card.

2. Oceans of Love themed - very simple Heart shaped Fishes (class of Teacher Sumeeti) - 3 heart sizes , glued together as a Fish (Body, Tail and Fin) and the card said Oceans of Love/Fun this Valentines Day

No photo description available.

3. Love Lanterns - Dollar Store plastic jar converted to a beautiful DIY love lantern. A submersice battery operated led light glued to the lid, and the kids colored the jar with chalk markers, paints and glitter.

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4. Love Mail Box (class of Teacher Verna Rego) - each kid was given an old tissue box, and they had to post a valentine greeting to the rest of the friends in their class - super simple but cherished by kids.

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5. Heart Dollie Owl 

6. Making Cards for Occassions - always a hit with kids! 

And we bring it all together , and decorate our Fireplace Mantle with kids diy for occassions and festivities year-round!

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Here's wishing a year full of love and learning to all members of the Vitamin Simple Club ❤️


Yours Truly,

Miss K