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Theme:Twins and like

Theme:Twins and like

Theme:Twins and like

In this fun filled activity package I have covered different learning elements and crafts with theme TWINS and LIKE.

Did you know there is a town called Twinsburg in Ohio, USA?

A pair of identical twins named Moses and Aaron purchased land in 1819 and began selling small parcels at low prices to attract other settlers. They changed the settlement's name from Millsville to Twinsburg. Moses and Aaron Wilcox were so identical that it was hard to tell them apart. They were lifelong business partners, held all their property in common, married sisters, had the same number of children, contracted the same fatal ailment and died within hours of each other.

There are more fun facts to read about Twinsburg Ohio, but the most interesting one is Twinsburg holds a yearly festival for twins, and other multiple births, called Twins Days. This festival started in 1976 with only 36 sets of twins but has grown to be the world's largest annual gathering of twins, with approximately 3,000 sets attending each year.

This activity package wanders around different aspects – English, Flags, Languages, Coin Sorting, constellations and more build around the theme – Twins and Like!

Download these fun activity package printables and enjoy learning. #twinlike

Activity 1: Twin W(ord)isdom

This activity is matching words and sounds

1. Twin Sounding Words - like ate/eight

Image of the Printables – Chart and Matching Worksheet

2. Twin Alphabet and Words - like I/Eye

Image of the Printables– Chart and Matching Worksheet

3. Twin Vowel Words Flashcards – like oo/book

Image of the Printables –Fill in the Blank Cards

Activity 2: Mario Bros.

Celebrating the awesome Twins and reminiscing my childhood days, I bring to you todays activity kit: "Mario Brothers" - Play and Learn with Mario and Luigi

I am a Super Mario Bros. fan. I will never forget the day I first played the original Nintendo classic and fell in love with what would later become a gaming icon. Anyone who can identify Nintendo with Mario and Luigi knows these two Italian plumbers were the reason the video game industry is what it is.

Download the fun learning printables – Coin Sorting (India and USA versions) and Constellations do-to-dot worksheet

Images of the Printables:

Activity 3: Siamese Twins

The most famous pair of conjoined twins was Chang and Eng Bunker , Thai brothers born in Siam, now Thailand. They traveled with P.T. Barnum's circus for many years and were labeled as the Siamese twins.

Siamese twins are conjoined in many different ways and there are about 15 technical definitions based on how they are joined. Do an online search for Siamese Twins images and you will be surprised. Also there are conjoined animals – you may google for Wonders of Nature - Conjoined animals.

Siamese Twins in context of English language refer to a pair of words used together as an expression. The words are separated by "and" or "or" and the order of these elements cannot be reversed, like short and sweet, do or die , rock and roll, give or take.

This activity printable includes the Siamese Twins English worksheet, Shapes Tracing activity to better under the concept of Siamese, and Siamese Twins iSpy in Nature.

Images of the Printables:

1. Siamese Twins Phrases Match – “and” “or”

2. Conjoined Shapes Tracing worksheet

3. Siamese Twins iSpy in Nature

Activity 4: International Animal Twins Counting Card

Personalize these cards to make your animal Twin – 1 to 10 in 3 languages.

Put it up on the wall or make a fun door or desk tag

Activity 5: Flag Twins and Cousins

Introduce kids to the world of Flags with a compare and contrast learning technique. More than half of all the countries flags consist of a three-colored horizontal striped layout. Countries in the Oceania region to use more blue in their flags whereas most African country flags you will find green as the primary color. Red is the most popular color in flags around the world. Download the printable flag sets and learn the flags around the world.

Once the kids have learned the countries and flags, locate and pin them on the map

Images of the Printables: