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Art and Craft - What is the Difference?

Art and Craft - What is the Difference?

Art and Craft - What is the Difference?

Art is an expression which may or may not lead to a creation, where as crafts is a creation.

Art is free, craft is guided. 

There is no mistake in art, crafts is precision.

Both are very important elements as we work with our children.

Art gives the children an expression platform - and it does not require you to be talented , its an expression which will raise thinking and creative kids. A pen, a color, blocks, a piece of paper, setting your table, making a sound its all form of art - and for kids from the time they are born, they should be encouraged toward art, toward expressing, toward creating, this will give them a chance to explore the world in their way and this will give them a platform to become the next revolutionizing mind. The more they are unguided, and have the freedom to color outside the lines, the more they can scribble and express, the more you don't restrict them with technicalities, they will then enjoy expression , thus paving a path for creators and innovators. It should be the most important part of our kids lives, and earlier the better ! "There should be no Rules"

Crafts are guided, instructed and should be introduced to the kids to help them with their motor skills and solutioning skills, at the same time you have to step back for them to learn crafts as arts and not measured for the precision. The tools to construct and create crafts, help kids understand how things work, if you want your child to become an engineer, the first lesson is crafts. For example, we were recently doing an Easter craft bouquet which required the foam decorations to be glued to the popsicle sticks, and it was not working well, and my kids took some stickers and reinforced the crafts to the stick from the back - well a problem solved, and that's what engineering is my friends. Another example, if you are using magna tiles (highly recommended), and the kids are building long walls or tall towers, in spite of the magnet, it looses balance, and we at home learned to reinforce giving an additional half tile to support the structure from falling or tilting... again an example of problem solving through open ended crafting.

 As I sign off on this thread... Ponder on these thoughts and please encourage both Arts and Crafts at home, school, and all learning spaces... more Arts in the early ages, and increase the craft-o-meter as the kids are ready to follow instructions - but remember it has to be no pressure, no rules, and very importantly it is not for a "talented few".


Your Truly,