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Mommy and ME Story Book Contest _Summer 2018

Mommy and ME Story Book Contest _Summer 2018

Mommy and ME Story Book Contest _Summer 2018

Expressing and writing help create a magical wonderland. Writing helps kids communicate, connect and create. It facilitates kids to learn, have fun and indulge with all their senses.

To encourage writing and creative expressions, at Vitamin Simple Club we launched our first story book contest in May'2018. We were amazed and excited to see the breadth of creativity among children. We are so proud to  bring these stories to you with their very own hand drawn illustrations making these one-of-a-kind creations for you to remember and cherish.

Come join us as we build a community of parents, educators and caregivers, and  together we encourage creative and expressive childhood experiences and learning. To these beautiful expressions, and a lifelong memory.

Encourage these young creators and their expressions  Purchase their first story books in Print: 

  India                                 USA

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A Short Story Collections book written and illustrated by Children with 18 stories:

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The link to the original submissions from the Contestants  of the Mommy and ME Story Book Contest Entries on our Facebook Group - 

  1. Shrina Bhalla

  1. Arshia Gupta

  1. Aahan Gupta

  1. Atyanj Srivastava

  1. Shriyya Chawla

  1. Dhruvika Khurana

  1. Kiran

  1. Rajvi Mann

  1. Aarushi Mane

  1. Aanya Gupta

  1. Aarav Jain

  1. Dishant Shah

  1. Uday Chhabra

  1. Anagha Anand

  1. Prakruthi Chari

  1. Aadya Bafna

  1. Ishaan  Gupta

  1. Pratyusha Joshi

  1. Tvisha Bajaj

  1. AvantikaJoshi

  1. Tanishka Mangla

We received a few more participants via email which are not listed here. 


Yours Truly.

Miss K