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Ice building blocks

Ice building blocks

Ice building blocks

You love lego, magna tiles , blocks anything building are going to love this... ICE building blocks. Yes, you read it right "ICE" .. really I mean the cool frozen water from your freezer. Presenting you todays Activity - Ice building Blocks.

Ice building blocks - the fascinating world of ice and salt. 
Materials Required: Ice and Salt. Flashlight (optional)

A fun experiment for young kids to make ice cubes into building blocks by using salt as the glue. Take an ice cube, sprinkle some salt and stick another ice cube. Kids can build small ice structures with this super fun project. Sensory play , fun learning project for all ages.

Science: Salt melts ice. In this experiment the salt melts the top of the 2 ice cubes, and the fresh water resurfaces once again sticking the 2 ice cubes together. Woopa!!!
(Idea inspiration from class of teacher Rindala)

 Link to the Video Demo :

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Yours Truly,

Miss K