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Valentines Day Spin-a-Story

Valentines Day Spin-a-Story

Valentines Day Spin-a-Story

 Vitamin Simple Spin-a-Story Projects

For Valentines Day Celebrations 2019, we hosted a spin-a-story project on Vitamin Simple Club.

35 Vitamin Simple Super moms participated in this thread to build a one-of-a-kind Valentines day story for the kids. Link to the original spin-a-story thread:


A Valentine Fairy Tale

A Short Story-brought to you by 35 Supermoms!

This story makes a fun read, and an amazing present for our little valentines. A tale of Valentine, a tale of true love, a tale of magic, a twist with every page turn. A one-of-a-kind-tale. 

Click on the story book image to download a free digital story - A Valentine Fairy Tale. 

Yours Lovingly, 

Miss K!