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Theme: Hopping Rabbits

Theme: Hopping Rabbits

Theme: Hopping Rabbits

All in a days work - Hopping Rabbits 

1. Rabbit Habitats - Hands on project

Rabbit live in the Boroughs.

Make Rabbit boroughs in the Sand Box. 

Materials Needed: Wide-Mouth Plastic Cups , and Cardstock Rabbit cutouts or toy rabbits. .

Place the Plastic cups/glasses inside the sand like a borough. Then place the toy rabbit or rabbit cutouts in the sand box. 


   Image may contain: outdoor   Image may contain: outdoorImage may contain: 2 people, people sitting, child, shoes and outdoor

2. Experience plight of animlals pretend play circle

Ask them questions - how long can you be inside the cage, do you like it in there or would you like to roam around freely. 

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Image may contain: one or more people and shoes

3. Roll a Dice Math and Hop like a bunny on  snakes and ladder mat

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4. Coding Basics - with the Bunny Trails Coding Game. 

There are infinite ways to go from one point to the other. Kids decide the start and end point, and decide the path. The bunny coder works well with a black sharpie. The kids drew a path with a black sharpie and then we connected all the kids papers to create a puzzle path for the Bunny trail. It was a super fun exercise. 

And that’s what a day looks like @ the Vitamin Simple Labs


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