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Phonics for Parents Session 3

Phonics for Parents Session 3

Phonics for Parents Session 3

Classroom: Phonics for Parents

Phonics for Parents is a simple Phonics instructional guide for parents.

This is intended towards the parents to help them build a good reading platform for kids at home.

The use of these resources is strictly for personal use.

If you intend/plan to use it for commercial purposes, please send me an email –

Do not modify, reuse or sell any printables and resources. 

For use of this material, please attribute credit to Vitamin Simple


Phonics for Parents Session 3 - Two Vowel Words, Long Vowel Sound

In Session 2, we covered one vowel rule. In Session 3, we will be discussing two vowel rule. 

Please refer to the charts, videos and resources below to learn all about this session.

The One and Two Vowel Rule

This handbook is segmented into 4 Steps.

Work on one step and only after the child is able to understand the concept thoroughly move to the next step. Also, my suggestion is to work on long sounds for each vowel at a time, so for step 2, work on long a sound, then long e sound and so on.

Segmentation will make it easier for kids to understand the two vowel word concepts.
Step 1 – The Magic “e”. C-v-C-e
Step 2 – 2 vowel teams – ai, ae, ea, ee, ie, ue, oe…
Step 3 – Two letter words with vowel at the end of the word
Step 4 – Vowel “y” and long vowel sounds

This compilation is what I am currently working with my kids at home, so as I am compiling it, I tried and tested it with my 5 year olds to come up with a process which works and is simple. It took me almost 3 weeks to compile this file with a lot of research and trials.

Session 3: Printables

Session 3 - 2 Vowels Long Vowel Sound Handbook –

  Download the Phonics 2 Vowel Rules Reference Guide/Handbook. 


Yours Truly, 

Miss K