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My Calendar Book - Do it Yourself!

My Calendar Book - Do it Yourself!

My Calendar Book - Do it Yourself!

Make your own Calendar Book

Calendars for kids are fun.They feel organized and also a great way for them to own the year.  Give them a feeling of importance - by letting them have their own calendar, kids feel they are treated seriously, that they can make their own decisions, that they are important. They can mark their own personal entries with important dates like birthdays of friends and family, travel dates, festival dates and more. This exercise at the beginning of each month/end of previous month encourages them to plan and look forward to the different events coming up! It takes away anxiety and transitional issues. 

My kids absolutely love this exercise - here are some pictures of them working on their calendar book. 



Here is a preview page. The calendar book pdf has 12 do it yourself monthly calendars ( 7 * 5 -35 blocks) and 1 clip art page to decorate the remaining blank spaces to make it colorful and also mark it with the important event or festivity for that month. 

Download Free My Calendar Book Printable here : 

My Calendar Book - do it yourself



Yours Truly,

Miss K