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Mommy Wall of Fame (Mother's Day '2018)

Mommy Wall of Fame (Mother's Day '2018)

Mommy Wall of Fame (Mother's Day '2018)

My quote pick for this Mother’s Day - a beautiful expression by Dorothy Fisher - 
” A mother is not a person to lean on, 
but a person to make leaning unnecessary.”

Lets think about animals for a minute - their job is to make their young ones independent and abled, and it ends there!

Shouldn't that be our most important goal too - “to make their leaning unnecessary”

At Vitamin Simple Club, we held a mother day contest:

Submit in an illustration done by your kid for this Mother’s Day 
1. A favorite story book Mommy and Me (my son’s fav story book Mommy and child is Llama Llama - attaching his work)
2. A fun moment with my Momma

        We received beautiful entries, here is a compilation of a few.  The winner received a personalized magical mug. 


The Facebook Post Links with the Contestant Entries: 

Vidhya Raghunathan
Manisha Bansal
Deepali Joshi
Seema Bubna Modi


Yours Truly,

Miss K