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Theme: India Republic Day

Theme: India Republic Day

Theme: India Republic Day

India Republic Day - Free Learning Printables

Learn about Republic day and its signficance, about the India Flag, about the Armed forces and more with this fun and learn printable package. 

Free India Republic Day Printables - Trailor

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India Republic Day Printables Package

India Independence Day vs. India Republic Day

Both Republic Day and Independence Day are widely celebrated and significant holidays in India.

What is the difference between these two days?

India won independence from the British on Aug 15th, 1947 but continued under the British constitution for 3 more years and governed by a Governor General appointed by the British Monarch.

On Jan 26th, 1950 the Indian Constitution was established and the first state of head Dr. Rajendra Prasad was appointed as the President of India. Jan 26th the day of our constitution was made to coincide with the day in 1930 when the Congress Party of India declared Purna Swaraj or complete independence.

Independence Day activities are honored by the Prime Minister of India
Republic Day activities are honored by the President of India

Independence Day celebrates the birth of the nation and the sacrifices made by the Freedom Fighters
Republic Day celebrates the constitution/government as the strength of India and Indian forces.

Independence Day celebrates the momentous past
Republic Day celebrates the present and future state.


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