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Theme:India Independence Day

Theme:India Independence Day

Theme:India Independence Day

“We owe a lot to the Indians, who taught us how to count, without which no worthwhile scientific discovery could have been made." - Albert Einstein. India has a lot to celebrate both ancient India and India now. India is truly incredible. As India celebrates 71st Independence Day on August 15, 2017. I want to dedicate this Vitamin Simple Unbox theme to Celebrating India!

Download these simple yet inspiring coloring and crafts templates and involve your kids to celebrate India.


Activity 1: Make My India – Clean, Green and United

Involve your kids to Make My India - Clean, Green and United!

• Clean India – coloring activity There is trash on the streets, paan stains on the wall, paper lying around…Kids pick up your paint brush and color India orange and clean!

Join the Clean India Campaign

• Green India – Crafts, cut and paste activity Kids cut and paste pots and plants and place on the India Map and make a Green India.

• United India – Puzzle, cut and paste activity Cut and paste the 4 pieces of India puzzle and create a united India

Join the United India Campaign

Activity 2: Setup India Day Fair

This independence day get your kids proud of the Indian heritage and make them participate in a popular India crafts show case. Hands on experience of an India Day fair setup for young ones with this simple activity package.

Download the free cutout templates, print them on A4 size paper. Cutout the parts of the India day fair setup and paste them on a big poster board/chart paper and create a beautiful India Day Fair showcasing some of India’s well known arts and crafts... Celebrate India, feel proud and experience as your kids and you indulge with this simple crafts package

Images of the Cutout templates

Activity 3: India Freedom Train

Hop on the India Freedom Train and ride through the Freedom Struggle journey, highlighting some important milestones in the India Freedom Struggle.

Download the printables (4 quadrants) and print on A4 size paper and stick them side by side on a reusable cardboard or poster board. Encourage kids to ride their cars or trains and learn the Freedom Struggle Milestones as they stop on each station.

Images of the 4 quadrant templates

Activity 4: Tricolor

Some Tricolor Activities that you can engage with your kids.

Do and Dye Carnation or Daisy Flowers in Tricolors Guide:

1. Carnations , cut the stem about 1.5 inches and place them in 3 glasses/vases

2. Put Orange food color in Glass 1 and put Green food color in Glass 3 Tip: the flowers will soak warm water faster than cool water

3. Observe every few hours as the flowers absorb the color

Also, there are Tricolor printables in the package – here are the images of the printables

Flag Coloring and Facts Printable: India Map Stencil to color with the tricolors:

India Q-Tips Stencil:

Activity 5: Some Important Peoplein the Indian History

Learn some important figures in Indian freedom struggle and the Prime Ministers of India.


Use the free printables and cutout the freedom fighter images and staple or stick them to Popsicle sticks, and also label the sticks with their names. You can make vases sorting them by gender or arrange as you like, these make great center pieces and decorations to celebrate India’s independence.

Materials Needed: Popsicle sticks, glue or stapler, any play containers/bowls/pots,

Playdough or mud or anything that can hold the sticks and download the Freedom Fighters Cutout and print on A4 size paper.

Sample India’s Freedom Fighters Popsicle vase: (using playdough as the holding agent)


Learn the Prime Ministers of India from independence to now and a fun worksheet to play along. Also print the Prime Ministers of India Mat two times and play a matching game.

Prime Minister of India Mat:

Prime Ministers of India Worksheet:


Yours Truly, 

Miss K