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Grand Simplicity Contest

Grand Simplicity Contest

Grand Simplicity Contest

In June 2018, a contest to celebrate #grandsimplicity was held , for grandparents and grandchildren to showcase grand bonding as stories pass through generations.

We received some fantastic entries for this grand contest. It was a very difficult task to select 1 winner, and so we selected 2 winners, Super Mommy Nitika Mangla and Super Mommy Neha Goel.

Links to Stories : 

Participant 1: mommy Neha Goel           

Participant 2: mommy Payal Aggrawal

Participant 3: mommy Nitika Mangla

Participant 4: mommy Hannah Grace      

Participant 5: daddy Nikunj Desai (Story 1) 

Participant 6: daddy Nikunj Desai (Story 2)

Participant 7: mommy Deepali Joshi

Participant 8: mommy Dhana Vaithy

Participant 9: mommy Shweta Kalyan

Participant 10: Vineeta S Chandak         


Yours Truly, 

Miss K