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Theme: Explore 3D Shapes

Theme: Explore 3D Shapes

Theme: Explore 3D Shapes

An important geometry concept is 3D shapes. This UNBOX has simple and fun activities to introduce the 3D shapes and as they grow the kids can explore this concept in a more challenging way. The young mathematicians learn to first recognize the shapes and discover them in the world around us. As the kids explore more activities, the challenges advance with each activity starting with simple matching activities, then tracing and label, folding the nets to making 3d shape models. Download these free Explore 3D shapes printables. This package has different activities to learn 3D shapes. There is a 3d shapes chart, foldable nets, hands on and learn activities, worksheets, everything I could bring together in a printable package to play, learn and explore 3d shapes.

There is a 3D shapes chart also available for download - I recommend you print and laminate on A3 size paper for kids reference.

Activity 1: Match the 3D shapes to Real Life Objects

You can use the Activity 1 printables in 2 ways
Option 1: Flashcards and matching game
Option 2: Cut the exact 3D shape and overlay on the Objects
(See Images below)

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Activity 2 : Nets
A net is what a 3D shape would look like if it were opened out flat. A net can be folded to make a 3d shape. Try out the free net printables in the package to create 3d shapes.

This a great learning activity for primary school kids learning 3d shapes. For younger kids, if you do not have solid shapes at home this is a easy and quick fix for parents for kids to explore 3d shapes.

For primary school kids they can play different games with the nets - like counting the total number of rectangles for making a prism , or open and close to understand the properties of the 3d shapes. This is a good conceptual learning before introducing other 3d shapes topics like surface area, volume and other formulas. These aide as a great support to learners.

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Activity 3 : Learn Pyramids
Did you know there could be different base shape pyramids?
All pyramids have triangular surfaces which converge to a single point at the top. They can have different base shapes. The popular pyramid we see in the 3d shapes chart is the Square Pyramid - a square base. The base of the pyramid can be any shape- triangle, square, hexagon etc.
This activity is to understand that pyramids could have different bases shapes. Color the different pyramids, trace the base shape and then match the base shape.
This is a good activity to include in your 3d shapes learning unit. Combine this learning with an additional activity to make your 3d shapes with popsicle sticks/match sticks and using binding agents like playdough or marshmallow. Create different base shapes and make pyramids.

Activity: Make your 3D shapes - hands on!

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Enjoy Learning!
Yours Truly,
Miss K