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The White Revolution of Gokul

The White Revolution of Gokul

The White Revolution of Gokul

The White Revolution of Gokul 

Krishna is the first known leader of the White Revolution who rationalized the thinking of his Gokul village. His most popular and notorious act is breaking the gopi's pots and stealing the butter, but how many of you know the hidden leadership campaign behind this very popular tale. 

Why did Krishna steal butter?

He was the kid of the wealthiest family in the village, and off-course did not have a lack of food/butter at home. He is always represented as a plump-boy with a makhan-butter pot. So why did he engage in this mischief?

In the very popular song Krishna's tell is always "Maiya Mori Mein Nahin Makhan Khayo...", was he lying, or was it real?

The theory goes like this, he actually never ate the stolen butter. He was always well fed by his mother, and then he ran out to play. 

However, most of his friends from his village were poor. Butter was the primary wealth source of these Gopis's (the milkmaids), they churned butter and went to the big kingdom of Mathura to sell the butter and earn their livelihood. 

Whenever Krishna and his friends went out to play, the friends complained that they were hungry and weak. Krishna asked them to go home and have some milk and butter, and they mentioned they did not have much as it was reserved for selling. 

Krishna thought the situation to be so unfair. He tried to convince the villagers to ensure they fed the children of the village well, but no one paid heed to this small boy's advise. He took matters in his own hand and he visited the houses of different Gopis, took the butter and offered it to his friends, and that's how he was known as Makhan-Chor (butter thief). 

With these acts, he got a lot of attention, and gradually he explained to the people :
1. The first right to the milk is reserved for the calf. 
2. The second right to the milk is reserved to the children of the Gokul Village. Once the calves are done, feed the children of the village. 
3. The remaining unused dairy is then available to sell to Mathura kingdom.
He explained to the people, if the calves are happy, so will the cows. if the children are happy they will be better shepherds, and the overall environment of the village will be positive and happy,and the cows will produce more milk. The popular phrase even today is :Happy cows produce more milk".So with this act , this small boy created the first step toward White Revolution in his Gokul village. 

Epic-ally Yours, 
Miss K