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Govardhan Mountain and Floods - 5000 years ago

Govardhan Mountain and Floods - 5000 years ago

Govardhan Mountain and Floods - 5000 years ago

The Govardhan Mountain and the Floods 5000 years ago!

A popular story in the Krishna Series is the Govardhan Leela. 

Govardhan Leela, the Story: Krishna's supernatural physical ability

One day Krishna woke up and saw the all the people in Vrindavan getting ready for offerings to Lord Indra - the king of gods, and the one who controlled  rains and storms. Krishna was curios and asks his father Nanda about it. He did not consent with the villagers and convinced them not to believe in such supernatural rituals, as rains are storms are natural phenomenon. That year the villagers did not do their special prayers and offerings to Lord Indra. It's believed that Lord Indra was offended and raged with the villagers and he flooded the village. Krishna asked the people not to worry and instead took them all the Govardhan Mountain, where its believed that Krishna lifted Mt Govardhan on his little finger and held it up as an umbrella protection to the people and cattle from the rain and storms. Indra realized that Krishna is a Vishnu incarnation and accepted defeat and stopped rains and floods. 

The popular illustrations for this story shows how Krishna lifted Mountain Govardhan with his little finger, and all the people of the village take protection under the Mountain. All people were really stressed about the floods, and to calm them, Lord Krishna played the flute with the other hand while lifting the Mountain with one hand. 

Ponder: Krishna with his magical and divine powers lifted a mountain with his little finger, instead with those divine powers could he have stopped the storms and floods in the first place?

Govardhan Leela, the Story Retold: Krishna's supernatural mental ability, the visionary

Krishna was a shepherd and he used to take the cattle to graze on the mountains all the time. He was very familiar with the mountains. When Vrindavan received heavy rains and storms and started flooding, Krishna comforted the people and told them that Govardhan Mountain will protect them. The lifting of the finger represented the people to start moving up the mountain, climbing altitudes to save themselves and the cattle from the floods. Krishna climbed up the mountain for 7 days making a pathway for the people to follow him. When he reached on the top of the mountain, he raised his finger up to the sky to announce the accomplishment sort of like a flag hoisted on the top of the mountain by the mountain trekkers. 

Now remember this story is 5000 years old, around the onset of the Indus Valley civilization. At the time the people were progressing from caveman to civilization and understanding the laws of the land and had just started building settlements around the rivers. The vision of Krishna that people would be safe on an altitude and that townships can be formed on hills where natural calamities are possibilities, is an advance thinking. The visionary Krishna and his contributions in advancing the civilization is beautifully represented in this story of Govardhan Leela. The pictorial representation of the mountains protecting the people from the storms and floods are fictionalized, but the message is well conveyed and much ahead for engineering of that times! 

Flash Forward: Many major cities in the world are built on hills, like San Fransisco, Seattle, Athens, Rome and many more!



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