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Conversations with My Grandpa

Conversations with My Grandpa

Conversations with My Grandpa

 Me and My Grandfather - and our rendezvous...

15 years back, my grandfather told me about his interesting discussion with a gentleman he met on the train from Cuttack to Mumbai (India). In our dinner conversations last night he retold the incident .. he has no recollection that he has already told me the story , but I haven't forgotten a word ever since....This time I decided to pen this memorable conversation, one that I believe is my big turning point and gave me the exposure and pride to the rich heritage I belong to. 
In a random discussion, this Gentleman asked my Grandpa what does he think about the Indian epics Ramayana and Mahabharata (which at the time were running popularly on TV ) - did these stories really happen? is there any real basis to these stories...

I will post the reply my Grandpa gave to this gentleman.... but before I do that.. Let me ask you - What is your answer?

His reply - 

 I don't really know if this story has a real basis or not. But these books definitely have a future vision, thousands of years ahead of its time. The first vision of an aircraft is the Pushpak Viman mentioned and described in the epic story Ramayana. A vehicle which "rose up into the higher atmosphere". The creator was Brahma, the Hindu god of creation. Fast forward 5000 years, the first successful aircraft was invented in the 20th Century. 

The books presented imaginary arrows which could travel far into the enemy camps and burst fire bombs -Fast forward 5000 years, the nuclear missiles do exactly that!
The more obviously known analogy of Sanjaya and his divine vision which matches the live video/radio telecast.

Todays visionaries have a large media platform to communicate their visions, but a few thousand years back they communicated their visions by weaving it through these books, so whether there is a real basis or not, these books have a vision far beyond our lives even today!

Ponder and Wonder, this conversation changed me, intrigued me and has fascinated me for a long time and I have a deep inner quest to learn more about the modern day visions and the stories in these Epic books.


Epically Yours, 

Miss K