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The 4 Letter Anagram A.B.C.D.

The 4 Letter Anagram A.B.C.D.

The 4 Letter Anagram A.B.C.D.

 My 2 am Eureka Moment

As I revealed in my posts at the end of last week, I am working with an enthusiastic History buff and we are working to bring Ancient History - Caveman, Stoneage and the fascinating topics in a fun way to the kids. So, we are diving deep into this topics, and as the concepts are coming to life , everything is floating in my brain cloud, including some crazy dates.

Its 2 am, and my brain is spinning, and ... I call it my Eureka Moment 
- Indus Valley Civilization (the 2nd civilization) is about 5000 years old, and so is the story of Mahabharata. What a co-incidence , or not?

Where civilization brought in the settlements, leaderships, tribes in history, its exactly the same things laid out in Mahabharata with a vision into the future. This Epic Book crosses path with History as the Indus Valley Civilization unfolds!

In the same thought train, I started thinking about the other epic - Ramayana, and if there is a history junction? 
History books document proven human and societal advancement. Ramayana is believed to be set a few hundred thousand/million years back. The popular protagonist in the story is our favorite Hanuman and his monkey-man friends - the Vanar Sena. Now lets go into the History books, where we learn about Neanderthal man.. and a similar portrait of Hanuman and the Vanar Sena you will find in Ramayana. Then, my unfortunate suffering of Googleiesitis kicks in, and I find more theories and also evidences that the early Neandethral man had tails.

The History of Civilization and the cross over with Mahabharata, and Hanuman in Ramayana, and Neandethral man in our history books - coincidence or gold!

This deep dive into history and my love for Indian epics are at a junction which is going to keep me really excited for some time !!!

I think its going to be a fun dive, and I am going to take many more 2 am plunges as I suffer chronic Googleiesitis.

... stay tuned if you like what you read... and want to know what this train of thought will lead me to!

Exciting Epics, Fascinating History!



Epically Yours,

Miss K