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King Dhrithrashtra had 101 children - Magic or Advanced Science?

King Dhrithrashtra had 101 children  - Magic or Advanced Science?

King Dhrithrashtra had 101 children - Magic or Advanced Science?

Ponder and Wonder: King Dhrithrashtra had 101 children  - Magic or Advanced Science?

I love introducing new books and stories to my kids, and together we share the love of festivities around the world. As a part of this , Indian epics make a great story telling - initially for the love of characters and festivals and later as an indulgence into the insights. The Ancient Indian epics which were discovered around 400 BC (2500 years ago), when you really read through them, have modern science visions weaved into the storyline. Today's insight is on the epic Mahabharata.

When you ponder on some of these reproduction stories from Mahabharata -
Dhritarashtra and Gandhari had 101 children. Is this really possible through Natural birth? 
Kunti ‘s boon to have children from any deity she wished!
The 7th child of Devki – Balaram was transferred from Devki’s womb to Rohini’s womb?

So the story of the 101 children of Dhritarashtra and Gandhari goes like this - Gandhari conceived before Kunti so that her first born could be the King of Hastinapur. But her pregnancy continued for 2 years and in the meanwhile Kunti had already given birth to Yudhistira who thus is the righteous claim to the crown of Hastinapur. After 2 years of pregnancy, frustrated Gandhari hit her womb hard but instead of delivering a baby she delivered a big ball of flesh. When Maharishi Vyasa examined this mass of flesh he saw 101 live cells each of which he separated and put in ghee jars to fertilize which then made 100 sons and 1 daughter for Gandhari. 
One of the theories suggest the method of in-vitro fertilization (IVF) which is now common phenomenon, Maharishi Vyas knew of this advanced technology 5000 years ago through which he artificially put the fetuses in the jars and provided the right conditions for them to grow into infants.

Kunti had received a boon from sage Durvaasa, to be able have a child from any deity and the child would inherit the properties of the father. Commonly known in today’s day world as sperm donors. That's how the 5 pandavs came into being.

The story of embryo transfer and surrogacy was regarding the seventh pregnancy of Devki. The embryo was transferred from Devki to Rohini to prevent killing of the baby by Kansa. This is the story of Balaram , Krishna's brother.

There are many more interesting stories like the above in Mahabharata like the birth of Dhrona (the teacher), birth of Draupadi and her brother Dhristadyumna . There are other war strategies, nuclear weapons embedded in the war stories of the Mahabharata and more Modern Day Science and Technology in these ancient Indian epics. Introduce these old wonders to the kids early on and as they grow highlight relevant stories in these books. Who knows the next invention is hidden somewhere inside these epics?

Happy Reading!


Epically Yours,

Miss K