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Silicon Masks and the Maze

Silicon Masks and the Maze

Silicon Masks and the Maze

Story 2: Silicon Masks and the Maze

**Ahiravan and Patal lok"

I present to you another high fantasy story from the hidden treasures of Ramayana.

Ahiravan is the brother of Ravana who lived in Patal lok. Now those who have read a lit bit about the layers of the Hindu world, may know of Patal lok as the realm of the evil Asuras, located below (tala) the feet (pa). In simple words Patal lok could be defined as the land of dead or a no man's land. The beauty of this chapter lies in the unlocking and finding the way through the Patal lok maze. The riddles, the intelligence, strategy and ideation in the construction of the Ahiravans palace and all this 5000 years back got me intrigued more about this story.

When Ravan was losing the battle against Rama, he asked Ahiravan's help in kidnapping Rama and Lakshmana. Vibhishan found out about these plans and alerted Rama and Lakshmana, and asked Hanuman to keep a guard over them.

Ahivaran was the master of disguise, he tried to enter the palace where Rama was sleeping in various disguises, but failed Hanuman's check points. Finally he assumes the disguise of Vibhishan himself, and having fooled Hanuman, he enters the place and manages to carry away Rama and Lakshmana to Patal Lok.

Hanuman goes down into the Patal Lok, where he finds Ahiravan's massive palace. (Now this is better than a 21st century video game plot...) The palace is guarded on all sides.Hanuman is first challenged by Makardhwaja, who is half monkey and, half fish who claims to be his son. (that's a fun cross breed story in itself). After defeating his son, Hanuman learns that the way to kill Mahiravan is to extinguish 5 different lamps in different directions (NWSE and one on top). This is when Hanuman assumes his Panchamukha Anjaneya and his four faces are in East, South, West and North respectively, while the 5th face faces upwards. In this form, Hanuman manages to extinguish the 5 different lamps all at one time, and goes on to kill Ahiravan with one swift stroke of the knife. Hanuman saves Ram and Lakshmana, and brings them back from Patal Lok.

Point to Ponder - 

Have you heard about silicon masks - almost like real flesh masks for disguise. This is a modern mask technique. When you look into these epic books , you will find these techniques were well known in the yester year magic sciences like in this story where Ahiravan is able to disguise himself. A popular plot in many Bollywood and Hollywood movies today. The creation of the maze, the lamps in different directions, the construct of Ahiravans palace is so advanced and found in an ancient book written 5000 years ago. 


Epically Yours,

Miss K