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The Sleep Fairy

The Sleep Fairy

The Sleep Fairy

Story: The Sleep Fairy

**Lord of the Rings ** Harry Porter ** 
I am a super fan of these high fantasy novels . The connecting story lines across episodes, the mystery , the characters build up as the story moves along, and everything - just epic ! Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, is one of the most popular works in twentieth-century literature and was written during World War 2.

Now, lets go back in time , Not a few centuries, but a few thousand years, and enjoy the Indian heritage of high fantasy story telling.

Imaginative, Educative and Creative and a vision of the modern day world in these old story books. I present the first story from the hidden treasures of the Indian Epic - Ramayana, and my kids love this story as well.  

                                        *** The Sleep Fairy ***
When Rama was leaving for exile, he tries to convince his wife that she should stay back at the palace. However, he does not discuss with his devoted brother Lakshmana to stay back, because Rama knows that Lakshmana is going to follow him to the exile anyway. Lakshmana's wife Urmilla wanted to accompany them to the forest, but Lakshmana forced her to stay home.

When in forest, Lakshmana approached the Sleep Fairy ( Nindra, the Goddess of Sleep) to grant him a "No Sleep" boon for 14 years so that he can always be awake and protect his beloved brother and sister in law. The sleep Fairy is impressed by Lakshmana's devotion and grants him a boon on a condition that someone else will have to bear his sleep. On Lakshman's request the goddess visited his wife Urmilla. Urmilla agreed to share her husband's loss of sleep, and thus slept for entire 14 years.

As the story unfolds in the climax episode, Meghnadh who is Ravana's son was granted a boon that he could only be killed by Gudakesh: the one who defeated sleep for 14 or more years. So Lakshmana who had not slept for 14 years kills Meghnandh marking a turning point in the war with Ravana.

                                                                      Point to Ponder  - 
 Ponder on this Sleep Fairy story, look at the presidents or the executives in the world - do they really have time to sleep or are they busy making the famous 3am calls!!! ?  Do they approach a Sleep Fairy or Sleep Goddess to defeat sleep or is there a magic potion , and maybe that's the hidden treasure somewhere in the forest which helped Lakshmana defeat sleep for 14 years??? 


Epically Yours,

Miss K