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Marble Run

Marble Run

Marble Run

Make your own Marble Run

Material needed - big cardboard, cardboard pipes(we used toilet paper rolls) and tapes .

Being a mom makes our days really crazy - whether you are a full time mommy or a working mommy or all situations- the days are crazily packed. Amongst the hustle bustle of the days, there is one class I never miss to attend with my kids - hands on Stem class with Teacher Rindala - it’s a class I have signed up for my kids , but I am a bigger student trying to catch up with 4 decades of hands on learning I may have missed ! So everytime I go I am anxious and excited along with my 5 year olds who wait for this class the whole week.

The circle time started and then Teacher Rindala announced there are no trays today and not many projects lined up - I was a little dissapointed for a moment- I try really hard to be there and no trays or experiments - bummer ! And then she brings out cardboard and toilet paper rolls and tells us today we are going to build a marble run designed by the kids.

This is step 1 coding - I will have a bigger post on this in the future - but these are simple projects to begin with when you want to encourage critical thinking and team work with the kids. You start with defining a Start and End point and there are infinite ways to get from Start to End - no way is right or wrong, it’s all a test. So with this project the kids planned and designed a marble run and parents worked with the kids on the executions.

A simple yet an an amazing project - a must try this summer !

marble run 1    marble run 2  marble run 3     marble run 4


"Simple-y" yours,

Miss K