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Theme:Color Mingle

Theme:Color Mingle

Theme:Color Mingle

Introducing a fun way to learn primary and secondary colors with activities without using real colors. These are a few activities suggestions to engage with your kids and learn color mixing in new and creative ways.

Activity 1: Colors Kitchen

Material Required: Hard plastic Neon cups, spoons, trays etc.

This is a fun and engaging activity and you can reuse the materials for variety of open ended play engagements. Make your kids a magician where they can take blue cup and stack it with a red cup and now they have a purple cup. Put a blue spoon over the yellow spoon and they see a green spoon. Arrange one cup exactly behind the other and see colors mingle with different arrangements.

Color mixing through manipulatives enables out of box thinking.

Activity 2: Play dough mingle

Materials required: Different color play dough balls

This is one of our favorites at home - Play dough color mingle. Mix 2 color play dough balls (home made or from store) and mix together to make a new play dough color.

Activity 3: Light and Glass Color mingle

Materials required: Glass/Acrylic toys or magna tiles and light. You can use flash light, look up the toys in bright sunlight, underneath a lamp or place the toys on a light table.

I am using magna tiles and flash light in this experiment. Place one magna tile over the other (different colors) and flash light through it and see the colors mingle.

Activity 4: The Skittles experiment

Materials required: Skittles and warm water

Learn color mingle with the popular skittles experiments. Take 2 color skittles and place in different arrangements and pour hot water. As the skittles lose the color, observe the colors dissolve and mingle to make new colors.

Activity 5: Cellophane Amusements

Cellophane Wrap:

Wrap solid color toys/objects with cellophane paper and see change of color with cellophane wrap and then remove the wrapper to see original color. Use white or lighter color background for best results.

Cellophane Rainbow:

Take primary color cellophane sheets and ask kids to overlap them to see the rainbow colors using only 3 colors.Use white or lighter color background for best results.

Cellophane Pirate glasses:

1. Use party favor glasses or old 3d board glasses frames. Take out the existing lens from the glasses.

2. On one side of the glasses, tape a red, blue or yellow cellophane and make colored lens. (pirate glasses are fun adventure for kids but you can choose to fix both sides)

3. Make several glasses – all with the colored lens on same side with cellophane.

4. Ask kids to select two pairs of glasses with different color cellophane and ask themwhat they see

5. When working with older students, you can challenge them by asking questions like, “Can you find a pair of glasses that helps you make the color purple..So if they have one red lens glass, the answer will be blue and so on.