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Imagination Bot (robot) Contest

Imagination Bot (robot) Contest

Contest: Imagination Bot (robot) 

 "Inspire Imagination: For Kids, By Kids" 

~Contests for Children Creative Expressions.

Contest Rules:

a. Age Group: 5 to 12 years.

b. Contest Start Date: August 16th 2018;  Contest End Date: September 10th, 2018

c. Format :Drawing/Crafts/Model by kids + explanation write-up or video by kids

   (Parents please let this be an independent kids project, the thinking process is the key win on this project, not the outcome, or the actual win! )

To submit: 

1. Post a picture of the Robot creation/illustrration and an Explanation of what the Robot can do. Explanation can be written or a short video of the kids explaining what their Imaginary Robots can do. Submit the post on Vitamin Simple Club on Facebook

2. Add the hashtags to your submission post #imaginationbot #vitaminsimplecontests.

3. Mention the Name and Age of the participating child.

Contest Winners: 

  1. There will be 3 prizes - First , Second and Third
  2. Gift Vouchers/Hampers (more details will be shared soon). We are working with Corporate Sponsors. 
  3. A Teacher-Jury will be revealed at the end of the contest.
  4. Digital Certificates will be issued to all participants. 

A short video for the kids from Miss K. 

Excitedly looking forward to creative expressions from the kids.

Yours "Simple-y",
Miss K


Compilation of all the Contestants Posts from Facebook: 

(Click on the Pictures to open the Post on Facebook)

1. Balloon Robot: 

    Submitted by: Little Robot Scientist: Shanaya (5 yrs old)

Image may contain: stripes

2. Smiling Robot: 

    Submitted by: Little Robot Scientist: Medha (7 yrs old)

No automatic alt text available.

3. Friendly Robot: 

    Submitted by: Little Robot Scientist: Jithesh (5 yrs old)

Image may contain: drawing

4. Super Robot and Military Robotic Tank: 

    Submitted by: Little Robot Scientist: Dishant (5.5 yrs old)

Super Robot:

No automatic alt text available.

Military Robotic Tank: 

No automatic alt text available.

5. Bahubali Robot: 

    Submitted by: Little Robot Scientist: Chaitya (6 yrs old)

No automatic alt text available.

6. People Robot: 

    Submitted by: Little Robot Scientist: Avyukt (3 yrs old)

No automatic alt text available.

7. Scientific Robot and Robotic Drilling Machine: 

    Submitted by: Little Robot Scientist: Harshiv (5.5 yrs old)

Scientific Robot:

No automatic alt text available.  

Robotic Drilling Machine:

No automatic alt text available.

8. Flying Robot : 

    Submitted by: Little Robot Scientist: S.Pavithra (6 yrs old)

                              No automatic alt text available.

9. Carrier Robot : 

    Submitted by: Little Robot Scientist: Mahanth (3 yrs old)

No automatic alt text available.

10. Playing Robot and Plane-Boat Robot : 

    Submitted by: Little Robot Scientist: Pratyusha (5 yrs old)

Playing Robot:

No automatic alt text available. 

Plane-Boat Robot:

No automatic alt text available.

11. Flying Rainbow Girl Robot : 

    Submitted by: Little Robot Scientist: Nehasri (4.5 yrs old)

No automatic alt text available.

12. Flying Santa Robot : 

    Submitted by: Little Robot Scientist: Rakshan(7 yrs old)

No automatic alt text available.

13. Drawing Robot : 

    Submitted by: Little Robot Scientist: Prakruthi(6 yrs old)

No automatic alt text available.

14. Playdough Robot : 

    Submitted by: Little Robot Scientist: Shritan(4.25 yrs old)

No automatic alt text available.


----- More Contestants and their Imagination Robots will be added soon! 

Mommy Wall of Fame (Mother's Day '2018)

Mommy Wall of Fame (Mother's Day '2018)

My quote pick for this Mother’s Day - a beautiful expression by Dorothy Fisher - 
” A mother is not a person to lean on, 
but a person to make leaning unnecessary.”

Lets think about animals for a minute - their job is to make their young ones independent and abled, and it ends there!

Shouldn't that be our most important goal too - “to make their leaning unnecessary”

At Vitamin Simple Club, we held a mother day contest:

Submit in an illustration done by your kid for this Mother’s Day 
1. A favorite story book Mommy and Me (my son’s fav story book Mommy and child is Llama Llama - attaching his work)
2. A fun moment with my Momma

        We received beautiful entries, here is a compilation of a few.  The winner received a personalized magical mug. 


The Facebook Post Links with the Contestant Entries: 

Vidhya Raghunathan
Manisha Bansal
Deepali Joshi
Seema Bubna Modi


Yours Truly,

Miss K

Mommy and ME Story Book Contest _Summer 2018

Mommy and ME Story Book Contest _Summer 2018

Expressing and writing help create a magical wonderland. Writing helps kids communicate, connect and create. It facilitates kids to learn, have fun and indulge with all their senses.

To encourage writing and creative expressions, at Vitamin Simple Club we launched our first story book contest in May'2018. We were amazed and excited to see the breadth of creativity among children. We are so proud to  bring these stories to you with their very own hand drawn illustrations making these one-of-a-kind creations for you to remember and cherish.

Come join us as we build a community of parents, educators and caregivers, and  together we encourage creative and expressive childhood experiences and learning. To these beautiful expressions, and a lifelong memory.

Encourage these young creators and their expressions  Purchase their first story books in Print: 

  India                                 USA

No automatic alt text available.

A Short Story Collections book written and illustrated by Children with 18 stories:

No automatic alt text available.

The link to the original submissions from the Contestants  of the Mommy and ME Story Book Contest Entries on our Facebook Group - 

  1. Shrina Bhalla

  1. Arshia Gupta

  1. Aahan Gupta

  1. Atyanj Srivastava

  1. Shriyya Chawla

  1. Dhruvika Khurana

  1. Kiran

  1. Rajvi Mann

  1. Aarushi Mane

  1. Aanya Gupta

  1. Aarav Jain

  1. Dishant Shah

  1. Uday Chhabra

  1. Anagha Anand

  1. Prakruthi Chari

  1. Aadya Bafna

  1. Ishaan  Gupta

  1. Pratyusha Joshi

  1. Tvisha Bajaj

  1. Avantika Joshi

    21.Tanishka Mangla

We received a few more participants via email which are not listed here. 


Yours Truly.

Miss K

Grand Simplicity Contest

Grand Simplicity Contest

Winners and Additional Information To be updated

Links to Original Facebook Posts: 

Participant 1: mommy Neha Goel
Participant 2: mommy Payal Aggrawal
Participant 3: mommy Nitika Mangla
Participant 4: mommy Hannah Grace
Participant 5: daddy Nikunj Desai (Story 1) 
Participant 6: daddy Nikunj Desai (Story 2)
Participant 7: mommy Deepali Joshi
Participant 8: mommy Dhana Vaithy
Participant 9: mommy Shweta Kalyan

Participant 10: Vineeta S Chandak


Yours Truly, 

Miss K

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