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Theme Based Play and Learn Ideas and Printables

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Theme: Hopping Rabbits

Theme: Hopping Rabbits

All in a days work - Hopping Rabbits 

1. Rabbit Habitats - Hands on project

Rabbit live in the Boroughs.

Make Rabbit boroughs in the Sand Box. 

Materials Needed: Wide-Mouth Plastic Cups , and Cardstock Rabbit cutouts or toy rabbits. .

Place the Plastic cups/glasses inside the sand like a borough. Then place the toy rabbit or rabbit cutouts in the sand box. 


   Image may contain: outdoor   Image may contain: outdoorImage may contain: 2 people, people sitting, child, shoes and outdoor

2. Experience plight of animlals pretend play circle

Ask them questions - how long can you be inside the cage, do you like it in there or would you like to roam around freely. 

Image may contain: one or more people

Image may contain: one or more people and shoes

3. Roll a Dice Math and Hop like a bunny on  snakes and ladder mat

Image may contain: 1 person, standing and outdoor

4. Coding Basics - with the Bunny Trails Coding Game. 

There are infinite ways to go from one point to the other. Kids decide the start and end point, and decide the path. The bunny coder works well with a black sharpie. The kids drew a path with a black sharpie and then we connected all the kids papers to create a puzzle path for the Bunny trail. It was a super fun exercise. 

And that’s what a day looks like @ the Vitamin Simple Labs


Yours Truly, 

Miss K


Theme: Play and Learn Penguins

Theme: Play and Learn Penguins

   Play and learn all about Penguins and their species with a fun Vitamin Simple Penguins unit

This was our concluding unit for the Spring Camp.

Penguin activities included - Feel the Penguin , Waddle like a Penguin , Build a Penguin Habitat and Learn about the Penguin Species

A Vitamin Simple Exclusive!

Learn the Species of the Penguin with a Vitamin Simple 2 minute song: 

Play and learn with Penguin Toys and Play Snow (mix corn starch and lotion)

   Image may contain: bird and outdoor Image may contain: 1 person, sitting and child

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Walk like a Penguin - Fun Sensory Game Play:

Place a Tennis ball between the knees, and ask the kids to waddle on the ice. The balancing of the ball between the knees makes the kids waddle just like a Penguin - so much fun! 

Image may contain: 1 person, standing and outdoor

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, outdoor and nature

How cold is it where Penguins live: Feel it - first hand experience - fun ice play

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people sitting, child and stripes

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling

Fun ways to learn , exclusively @ Vitamin Simple! 


Yours Truly,

Miss K

Theme:Color Mingle

Theme:Color Mingle

Introducing a fun way to learn primary and secondary colors with activities without using real colors. These are a few activities suggestions to engage with your kids and learn color mixing in new and creative ways.

Activity 1: Colors Kitchen

Material Required: Hard plastic Neon cups, spoons, trays etc.

This is a fun and engaging activity and you can reuse the materials for variety of open ended play engagements. Make your kids a magician where they can take blue cup and stack it with a red cup and now they have a purple cup. Put a blue spoon over the yellow spoon and they see a green spoon. Arrange one cup exactly behind the other and see colors mingle with different arrangements.

Color mixing through manipulatives enables out of box thinking.

Activity 2: Play dough mingle

Materials required: Different color play dough balls

This is one of our favorites at home - Play dough color mingle. Mix 2 color play dough balls (home made or from store) and mix together to make a new play dough color.

Activity 3: Light and Glass Color mingle

Materials required: Glass/Acrylic toys or magna tiles and light. You can use flash light, look up the toys in bright sunlight, underneath a lamp or place the toys on a light table.

I am using magna tiles and flash light in this experiment. Place one magna tile over the other (different colors) and flash light through it and see the colors mingle.

Activity 4: The Skittles experiment

Materials required: Skittles and warm water

Learn color mingle with the popular skittles experiments. Take 2 color skittles and place in different arrangements and pour hot water. As the skittles lose the color, observe the colors dissolve and mingle to make new colors.

Activity 5: Cellophane Amusements

Cellophane Wrap:

Wrap solid color toys/objects with cellophane paper and see change of color with cellophane wrap and then remove the wrapper to see original color. Use white or lighter color background for best results.

Cellophane Rainbow:

Take primary color cellophane sheets and ask kids to overlap them to see the rainbow colors using only 3 colors.Use white or lighter color background for best results.

Cellophane Pirate glasses:

1. Use party favor glasses or old 3d board glasses frames. Take out the existing lens from the glasses.

2. On one side of the glasses, tape a red, blue or yellow cellophane and make colored lens. (pirate glasses are fun adventure for kids but you can choose to fix both sides)

3. Make several glasses – all with the colored lens on same side with cellophane.

4. Ask kids to select two pairs of glasses with different color cellophane and ask themwhat they see

5. When working with older students, you can challenge them by asking questions like, “Can you find a pair of glasses that helps you make the color purple..So if they have one red lens glass, the answer will be blue and so on.

Theme:Twins and like

Theme:Twins and like

In this fun filled activity package I have covered different learning elements and crafts with theme TWINS and LIKE.

Did you know there is a town called Twinsburg in Ohio, USA?

A pair of identical twins named Moses and Aaron purchased land in 1819 and began selling small parcels at low prices to attract other settlers. They changed the settlement's name from Millsville to Twinsburg. Moses and Aaron Wilcox were so identical that it was hard to tell them apart. They were lifelong business partners, held all their property in common, married sisters, had the same number of children, contracted the same fatal ailment and died within hours of each other.

There are more fun facts to read about Twinsburg Ohio, but the most interesting one is Twinsburg holds a yearly festival for twins, and other multiple births, called Twins Days. This festival started in 1976 with only 36 sets of twins but has grown to be the world's largest annual gathering of twins, with approximately 3,000 sets attending each year.

This activity package wanders around different aspects – English, Flags, Languages, Coin Sorting, constellations and more build around the theme – Twins and Like!

Download these fun activity package printables and enjoy learning. #twinlike

Activity 1: Twin W(ord)isdom

This activity is matching words and sounds

1. Twin Sounding Words - like ate/eight

Image of the Printables – Chart and Matching Worksheet

2. Twin Alphabet and Words - like I/Eye

Image of the Printables– Chart and Matching Worksheet

3. Twin Vowel Words Flashcards – like oo/book

Image of the Printables –Fill in the Blank Cards

Activity 2: Mario Bros.

Celebrating the awesome Twins and reminiscing my childhood days, I bring to you todays activity kit: "Mario Brothers" - Play and Learn with Mario and Luigi

I am a Super Mario Bros. fan. I will never forget the day I first played the original Nintendo classic and fell in love with what would later become a gaming icon. Anyone who can identify Nintendo with Mario and Luigi knows these two Italian plumbers were the reason the video game industry is what it is.

Download the fun learning printables – Coin Sorting (India and USA versions) and Constellations do-to-dot worksheet

Images of the Printables:

Activity 3: Siamese Twins

The most famous pair of conjoined twins was Chang and Eng Bunker , Thai brothers born in Siam, now Thailand. They traveled with P.T. Barnum's circus for many years and were labeled as the Siamese twins.

Siamese twins are conjoined in many different ways and there are about 15 technical definitions based on how they are joined. Do an online search for Siamese Twins images and you will be surprised. Also there are conjoined animals – you may google for Wonders of Nature - Conjoined animals.

Siamese Twins in context of English language refer to a pair of words used together as an expression. The words are separated by "and" or "or" and the order of these elements cannot be reversed, like short and sweet, do or die , rock and roll, give or take.

This activity printable includes the Siamese Twins English worksheet, Shapes Tracing activity to better under the concept of Siamese, and Siamese Twins iSpy in Nature.

Images of the Printables:

1. Siamese Twins Phrases Match – “and” “or”

2. Conjoined Shapes Tracing worksheet

3. Siamese Twins iSpy in Nature

Activity 4: International Animal Twins Counting Card

Personalize these cards to make your animal Twin – 1 to 10 in 3 languages.

Put it up on the wall or make a fun door or desk tag

Activity 5: Flag Twins and Cousins

Introduce kids to the world of Flags with a compare and contrast learning technique. More than half of all the countries flags consist of a three-colored horizontal striped layout. Countries in the Oceania region to use more blue in their flags whereas most African country flags you will find green as the primary color. Red is the most popular color in flags around the world. Download the printable flag sets and learn the flags around the world.

Once the kids have learned the countries and flags, locate and pin them on the map

Images of the Printables:

Theme: Alphabet Wonder

Theme: Alphabet Wonder

These fun activities are creative and engaging. Break the alphabets out of the worksheet prison, let them run out of the flashcards, puzzles, and toys and let’s get them free! Some of these might be fun even for your older ones. Ready to Try ! Download these free Alphabet Wonder printables and get your creativity spinning.

Download these free Alphabet Wonder printables and get your creativity spinning. #alphabetwonder

Activity 1: Alphabet Duet

Mix and match alphabets, or match the alphabet and their reflections and create something new. I hereby solemnly swear that this activity involves alphabets and only alphabets without any props. Use play dough on these mats or alphabet puzzle pieces/alphabet magnets to see the formations.

Laminate the printable or put it in a clear sheet protector and trace these fun alphabet formations.

Disclaimer: No alphabets have been harmed during this presentation.

Activity 2: Alphabet Siblings

Human Alphabet Creations, engage with your kids to make fun human alphabets. Can be played with siblings, or parents along with the kids. Makes great photo shoots – Get Clicking!!!

Activity 3: QWERTY Keyboard

Once upon a time, there were specialist typewriting teachers who had techniques to teach to get to faster typewriting skills and not peck and hunt like we do. As the typewriters faded away, so did the typing technique. Bring it is what experts have to say

Next time when you are with the laptop, open a new Word document , I like to increase the font size to 24 or higher .. as I engage my kids with a fun typing game .. type your name.. spell the animals, number, press enter and go to new line, change font color etc.. and they love doing their “work” and pretend to be busy grownups as they acquire some basic keyboard skills

Also download the free keyboard and monitor printable and make your own laptop craft so they can pretend play when they do not have access to your computer. All you need is any packing box (carton) which can be repurposed for this craft.

Activity 4: Sing Z to A

It’s really fun but very hard. Why sing Z to A? – It’s a great way to reinforce the love of alphabets. Most kids or adults cannot say the alphabet backward, and this new talent will give your kids a confidence boost and a super fun thing to know I promise! Use the reference chart and sing to the Z to A song.

Listen to the Audio

Activity 5: Alphabet iSpy

Use the below image as a reference to play iSpy around the house, a great way to add perspective thinking for kids.

Also take iSpy out to the road. Play iSpy Alphabet when you are in the car or traveling. Start with letter A , For example iSpy an Airplane in the sky, iSpy a Burger King/bank on the left, iSpy a cat on the streets and so on.. you can take turns and help the kids. You can also try to find the letters of the alphabet in street signs

Activity 6: Popsicle Sticks Alphabet Mat

Download and print the Popsicle alphabet stencil mat. Place the sticks on the mats and create alphabets. Laminate the mats for multiple uses. Use tak putty /adhesive putty glue with the Popsicle sticks for fun sticking.

Also take iSpy out to the road. Play iSpy Alphabet when you are in the car or traveling. Start with letter A , For example iSpy an Airplane in the sky, iSpy a Burger King/bank on the left, iSpy a cat on the streets and so on.. you can take turns and help the kids. You can also try to find the letters of the alphabet in street signs

Theme: Hopscotch and Learn

Theme: Hopscotch and Learn

Who knew that a piece of chalk, a bright sunny day, a patch of concrete playground and a pebble rock can produce fun ways to learn just about anything? All you need is a piece of chalk and a combination of Vitamin D and Vitamin Simple.

I highly recommend to do the hopscotch and learn activities in the sun. You may want to also download these free hopscotch and learn printables as a reference guide to draw on the ground, or on a rainy day the kids can make their toys hopscotch on this fun mats. #hopscotchlearn

Activity 1: "Jump Dial"

A phone hopscotch for kids to jump dial your phone number. A fun way for kids to remember parents or other important phone numbers.

Activity 2: Cardinal Directions NSWE

Jump to NSWE.

Draw out a Cardinal Directions hopscotch - see reference image below

Make 4 chits - North, South, East, and West The kid stands in the center. Pick a chit, the kid has to hopscotch to that direction. Pick another chit and put the first chit back in the bowl, and hopscotch to the other direction. So for example, the kid gets North chit.. the kid hopscotches to the North block, then the kid gets West chit, put the North Chit back in the bowl, and the kid hopscotches to the West block and continue the fun. Most smart phones now have a compass app, you may want to use it to mark the NSWE points on the ground.

Activity 3: Solar System Hopscotch

Replace the classic hopscotch mat with this fun Solar system hopscotch mat, where kids hopscotch the solar system the same way they hopscotch the classic numbers hopscotch

Add relevant colors and relative sizes to the hopscotch mat to add more learning - like the relative sizes of the planets, planet colors etc..

Make 4 chits - North, South, East, and West The kid stands in the center. Pick a chit, the kid has to hopscotch to that direction. Pick another chit and put the first chit back in the bowl, and hopscotch to the other direction. So for example, the kid gets North chit.. the kid hopscotches to the North block, then the kid gets West chit, put the North Chit back in the bowl, and the kid hopscotches to the West block and continue the fun. Most smart phones now have a compass app, you may want to use it to mark the NSWE points on the ground.

Activity 4: Hopscotch Bingo Buster

Make a grid 4*5. (You can add more if you'd like – I have done a grid of 100 as well and its super fun)

Start with a basic layout - numbers 1-20 and then based on the kids ages and interests, advance the information on the layout like skip counting/multiples, addition or subtractions, even or odd, prime numbers etc..

Call out the numbers, and ask the kids to cover the number with pebbles, leaves,sticks, pinecones anything nature. To add a fun twist give kids a paint brush and a cup of water and ask them to water paint (erase) the numbers as they are called out. Or simply just hop on the number grid.

When all the numbers in the grid are covered/washed out... the kids can shout "BINGO"

Basic 1 – 20 layout Odd Numbers

Prime NumbersSkip Counting by 5

Water Painting(Erasing)

Activity 5: Sing-along Hopscotch

I am in love with the movie "Sound of Music" and the classic Do-re-mi song. When I had my kids I wanted them to experience and fall in love with thesong. As a part of my hopscotch and learn, one of the popular hopscotch mat I made was sing along the Do-re-mi song (below is a reference image) can replace the notes with Sa-re-ga-ma (Indian musical notes) or other sing alongs

This completes the 5 activities for theme "Hopscotch and Learn" and I hope this inspires you to many more variations of this wonderful move and learn concept. You can introduce grammar, phonics, letter sounds and any concept through hopscotch mats.

"A Moving Child is a Learning Child."

Enjoy Learning!


Yours Truly,

Miss K

Theme: Explore 3D Shapes

Theme: Explore 3D Shapes

An important geometry concept is 3D shapes. This UNBOX has simple and fun activities to introduce the 3D shapes and as they grow the kids can explore this concept in a more challenging way. The young mathematicians learn to first recognize the shapes and discover them in the world around us. As the kids explore more activities, the challenges advance with each activity starting with simple matching activities, then tracing and label, folding the nets to making 3d shape models. Download these free Explore 3D shapes printables. This package has different activities to learn 3D shapes. There is a 3d shapes chart, foldable nets, hands on and learn activities, worksheets, everything I could bring together in a printable package to play, learn and explore 3d shapes.

There is a 3D shapes chart also available for download - I recommend you print and laminate on A3 size paper for kids reference.

Activity 1: Match the 3D shapes to Real Life Objects

You can use the Activity 1 printables in 2 ways
Option 1: Flashcards and matching game
Option 2: Cut the exact 3D shape and overlay on the Objects
(See Images below)

Image may contain: text               Image may contain: text

Activity 2 : Nets
A net is what a 3D shape would look like if it were opened out flat. A net can be folded to make a 3d shape. Try out the free net printables in the package to create 3d shapes.

This a great learning activity for primary school kids learning 3d shapes. For younger kids, if you do not have solid shapes at home this is a easy and quick fix for parents for kids to explore 3d shapes.

For primary school kids they can play different games with the nets - like counting the total number of rectangles for making a prism , or open and close to understand the properties of the 3d shapes. This is a good conceptual learning before introducing other 3d shapes topics like surface area, volume and other formulas. These aide as a great support to learners.

No automatic alt text available.     No automatic alt text available.  No automatic alt text available.

Activity 3 : Learn Pyramids
Did you know there could be different base shape pyramids?
All pyramids have triangular surfaces which converge to a single point at the top. They can have different base shapes. The popular pyramid we see in the 3d shapes chart is the Square Pyramid - a square base. The base of the pyramid can be any shape- triangle, square, hexagon etc.
This activity is to understand that pyramids could have different bases shapes. Color the different pyramids, trace the base shape and then match the base shape.
This is a good activity to include in your 3d shapes learning unit. Combine this learning with an additional activity to make your 3d shapes with popsicle sticks/match sticks and using binding agents like playdough or marshmallow. Create different base shapes and make pyramids.

Activity: Make your 3D shapes - hands on!

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Image may contain: shoes and text
Enjoy Learning!
Yours Truly,
Miss K

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