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Know Abacus

Know Abacus

Know Abacus

Know Abacus!

I have been pondering recently for kids to join an Abacus class. Unsure of their readiness for an expensive class, I looked around for a more pocket-friendly solution. I downloaded a few Abacus apps, to introduce basics to them at home and learn it myself as well. In a couple of years I may send them to a classroom once they are oriented with the basics, for now I am happy and settled with the Know Abacus app. Its very structured, colorful and easy to follow. Step by Step tutorials with a vast curriculum.

I also bought an inexpensive abacus home so we can translate the app learning and get the concepts hands-on.

If you are a parent considering an abacus method, I highly recommend the app - Know Abacus. Do try it out and let me know what is your feedback!

Mathematically yours, 
Miss K

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