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Learn Chess App Recommendation

Learn Chess App Recommendation

Learn Chess App Recommendation

“For better and for worse, digital technology is now an irreversible fact of our lives,” said UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake. “In a digital world, our dual challenge is how to mitigate the harms while maximizing the benefits of the internet for every child.”

This is a new thread kick-off to share the world of digital learning as we explore at our house. Digital recommendations may include good/clean TV time for kids, learning apps and similar information. This thread is not propagating media usage or an advisory board for how much media should be consumed by children - those are best answered by your pediatricians or your specific situation. 

At our house we allow media consumption in moderation - we call it "Triple M" - Monitored Media Minutes - we moderate time and content access, and its restricted enough, yet allowed to take the vantage points of the digital age and keeping a level of exposure just like all other learning concepts. .

This week we have been trying a few different apps for learning Chess for my 5 year old daughter. She has learnt a few basics from us, but we do not have the know-how on how to teach it step by step or how we take this forward. I have explored some classes but they are very expensive where I am located, and its not my requisite yet. So to further her interest in Chess we explored some apps which may help. The one that we really liked is called - this has lessons and then simple game play at a beginner level. The app follows a step by step curated Chess Curriculum with lesson plans. Its great for beginners with absolutely no prior knowledge. 

I recommend trying it this app if your child has early interests in Chess. 


Yours Truly,

Miss K