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Tie-Dye Projects - Tees and Slime

Tie-Dye Projects - Tees and Slime

Tie-Dye Projects - Tees and Slime

As they say, the World is a Canvas , pick up your paint brush. 

As a child all I ever used was a paint brush - I did not have the exposure to art the way my kids have! Everytime I went to my kid's class , I would be in for a surprise of what they are going to paint with today - it’s rarely ever been a brush specially in their 2’s and 3’s class. I am compiling on the 100 fun ways to water color - from real snails painting the canvas to apples, and kitchen tools, hands and fingers, bubble wraps and stomping feet , water balloon coloring, toy vehicles - small and big , 2/3/4 wheels, different sizes, corks, caps and the list goes on , I will soon share the so many ways we have engaged with colors over the last 5 years.

This weekend we went for a tie-dye creation project - and as I had imagined - the kids just had a blast making their own tie-dye tees. Here are some pics of our tie-dye project.

All you need is a plain light colored tee and Fabric colors. For this project we used a ready to use Tie-Dye Colors kit. 

Step 1 - Soak the tee shirt in water and squeeze the water out, it should be wet , but not drippy. 

Step 2 - Take rubber bands and tie your tee-shirt in a tie-dye design of choice - there are several options available, however we were doing this project with my 5 year olds, so the design was not a big element... we let them tie rubber bands as they liked. 

Step 3 - Time to drizzle the fabric colors - Remember to use gloves for this project. We used the one step tie dye kit which comes with the bottle, just add water (Tulip brand)

Step 4 - Kids had fun dripping different colors all over the teeshirt. 

Step 5 - We put the teeshirt in a plastic bag and knotted the bag. Let is stay for 8 to 10 hours for the colors to soak in.

Step 6 - Remove from the bag and wash in water and sqeeze out any excess colors. 

Step 7 - Wash the tee shirts in hot water cycle - a regular wash cycle timer in the washer. 

Dry the Tee's and they are now ready ! 



Tie-Dye Marble Slime 

If you liked the tie-dye tee shirt project above, you are going to love this one! A tie-dye slime project

All you need is 3 or 4 colors of slime. Stick them together and swirl or twist it.
Note – Don’t knead/mix only swirl or twist. If you mix/knead it too much , the colors will start mixing and will not be tie-dye’ee any more.. but just a color mixing slime… still fun



Tie-Dye Fun!!


"Simple-y" yours,

Miss K