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Art Gallery Painters - Thomas Kinkade

Art Gallery Painters - Thomas Kinkade

Art Gallery Painters - Thomas Kinkade

Information Summary on Art Gallery Painters

Meet one my favorites - Thomas Kinkade

A popular American artist also known as a Painter of Lights.

His style - chi·a·ro·scu·ro which means the treatment of light and shade in drawing and painting. This technique was developed during the Renaissance era.

He was a devoted family man , and a lot of his art work has the letter "N" representing his wife Nanette and some paintings include the numbers 5282 as tribute to their wedding date May 2, 1982. He also has paintings named after each of his 4 daughters

Most of these artists, leave a DNA in their paintings. He sometimes included traces of his DNA from blood and hair mixed with the paint he used.

Example of an award-winning Thomas Kinkade Chiaroscuro: Moonlit Sleigh Ride, 1992 (see image)

To learn more about him, please visit his website, you are surely going to be amazed-

See the video to understand how his paintings come to life... as you dim the lights, the lights in the painting seem brighter.

A Side Note on the Art Gallery Works - Canvas/Oil paintings made by these artists are one of a kind and are very premium priced - a few thousand dollars and upward, some go upto a couple million dollars worth. However, for many artists you can get a printed version known as serigraph.

"Serigraphs actually involve recreating the original artwork by hand. The serigrapher prints each individual color of the original, one color at a time, resulting in an exacting hand created reproduction."

Depending on the artist and the demand a few hundred to a few thousands , but a limited edition serigraph prints are created, and may often carry the Painters DNA keeping it original and limited editions. These serigraphs are relatively affordable versions for art collectors. A great place to purchase these serigraph prints would be art auctions, specially on cruise lines.



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