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STEAM - the 5th dimension "A"

STEAM - the 5th dimension "A"

STEAM - the 5th dimension "A"

STEAM - the 5th dimension

Most of you maybe aware of the STEM learning which is gaining wide popularity - Science, Technology, Engineering and Math as an integral component of learning, through hands-on learning techniques.

My kids are currently enrolled in a school which follows "STEAM" learning - which is adding the A - for ARTS as an integral part of their curriculum. This aspect of the additional A  is an enriching dimension in the curriculum.

At the school, they integrate the Arts component in all learning elements as well as have an Artist of the Month theme and Composer of the Month Theme. The kids are shown the works of a featured Artist of the month. The kids discuss, intercept and  illustrate their own excerpts from the Artists work . I am thrilled about this early exposure the kids get towards this important dimension. In their music class they feature a Composer of the Month. The kids are asked to experience and describe the music - sound, tempo etc. I will soon feature a music-art project and there will be also more posts on this thread. This summer holidays add this dimension with your kids. Look for some artist works and let the kids intercept them in their way. In this post, the kids rework of the French artist Sonia Delaunay.

Getting ready for kindergarten as another year of the learning journey transcends.

Original Work of Sonia Delaunay        Reworks of Sonia Delaunay 1      Reworks of Sonia Delaunay 2

Reworks of Sonia Delaunay 1


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Reworks of Sonia Delaunay 2