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All about Holi @ Vitamin Simple club

All about Holi @ Vitamin Simple club

All about Holi @ Vitamin Simple club

All About Holi

A fun learning Holi activity package and probe into the festival and how the different traditions came into being - Color throw? Balloons and Pichkaris(water guns)? Holi Bonfire? Holi across India - unity in diversity!

There are some tradition/religion based theories and some science related. In all Hindu religious practices you will find how the festivals always have some good science and reasoning as a part of the tradition - gradually we have lost the essence of how science was married into religion. Most of of the intended benefits cease to exist today - but its great to learn the intent and origin of our rich heritage of festivals and in some way if we can keep them alive.

Color Theories - Why Holi became the festival of colors ? There are many theories, here is a compilation. Based on these theories, please see the attached activities package.

Radha - Krishna - equalizer

Krishna means black/dark. As a child he always complained about his skin color and compared himself to the fair-skinned Radha. Yashoda, his mom tried several ways to explain how colors don't matter - and after failed attempts, she playfully suggested to Krishna that he can change Radhas complexion by smearing any color of his choice on her face. Fascninated and mischievous Krishna is thus believed to have started this tradition. This helped Krishna to understand that its just a "mere skin color" and its just that!

Medicinal Plant and Herb Powder - natural medicine

Holi starts a new season - spring and brings allergies. Viral, flu and other illnesses are widespread as seasons change.In the ancient days, people applied powders of plants and herbs during seasonal changes which kept these diseases at bay. Unfortunately, now the synthetic and artificial powders have captured the market and the original scientific intent has been lost.

The remains/ashes - Vibhuti

A Holi bonfire was lit by villagers and the ash of the burnt-out fire was applied to the forehead by elders the next morning. Colors soon replaced ash. (More about Holi bonfire in the next post!) Activity: Vibhuti-the sacred ashes - three lines

Spring Colors

Traditionally, there are 5 colors used in Holi celebrations. Colors are also known as abeer or gulaal.

Color Red :love and passion

Color Yellow: happiness and healing

Color Blue: serenity

Color Green: new beginnings

Color Pink: femininity and joy.

The Good, the Bad and the kingdom of opposites

A one page Moral science story about Holi for the kids - The Good, the Bad and the kingdom of opposites

Holi and Colors Fun Play Ideas for kids 

With holi around the corner if you are planning holi and colors fun for kids , take a look at some fun ideas we had at my 5 year old twins holi/colors themed party.

With spray bottles, nail paint station , face and body crayons for self face painting, water balloons, roll a ball of paint, wheel of paint (cars and bikes painting), Finger painting , markers , crayons and lots and lots of colors as kids ramp walked and shake a leg on paint (washable tempera colors and finger paints)

Image may contain: 1 person   Image may contain: 2 people, people standing, child, shoes and outdoorImage may contain: 2 people, people sitting, people eating, table, child and food    Image may contain: one or more people, child, stripes and shoes

Image may contain: one or more people, people sitting, stripes, child and outdoor    Image may contain: 1 person, standing and outdoor