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About Us

Your Learning Capsules

Introduces Engaged Learning Integration. 

Engaged Learning:

As the phrase suggests, is to actively engage in the process of learning –

“Learn by Doing”.

A student learns effectively and retains more information when he or she is involved in the subject through experimentation, activities and touch. The Engagement model, is to make a unit hands-on in many different ways through manipulatives, story boards and more where the kids are not only observing or

listening but are also participating in the process. Many kids lose their attention or motivation to absorb information in traditional learning circles, and so an Engaged Circle Time will be effective.

Learning Integration:

Kids learn through different mediums, and all kids learn differently. There is no one right or wrong way of learning –all learning is good. At Your Learning Capsules, we aim to bring different mediums of learning under one integrated package. Kids can learn through different mediums like books or songs or learn through one medium and reinforce the concepts with different touch points like printables, activities, move and learn and more.

Engaged Learning Integration:

Engaged Learning Integration is to integrate learning mediums and bring together an active and engaged learning package. Integrate learning through songs, books, activities, crafts, nature elements, known tales, technology, and keeping it progressive for the kids of this generation, and at the same time be deep-rooted in the classics.


Your Learning Capsules defines a 4 Step Learning Process:

Learn: Introduction/Exposure to a new concept.

Engage – Hands-on participation in the learning process.

Re-emphasize – Reinforce learning through games, crafts, arts, stories, outdoor and sensory activities and more.

Repeat – Repetition is a key component of learning.


Your Learning Capsules has 2 brands under its umbrella currently:

Vitamin Simple - Vitamin Simple is the flagship brand of Your Learning Capsules and wants to bring learning to the preschool and elementary school kids with a creative approach. Learning should be a part of our daily routine, and can come from simple things we do and see every day. The program offers a variety of content through songs, interactive books, busy bundles (play based worksheets), free themes and printables,  classroom concepts and a platform to the community at large to participate.

Vitamin Simple has only One GOAL - To Make Learning Simple and FUN !

Learning is a rewarding process, simple & creative content like Vitamin Simple, can make children thrive in learning. We want to tickle the young minds with creativity, songs and techniques which improves memory and learning abilities. Also “re-emphasized” learning boosts children’s play time with hands-on and creative learning ideas


The RhymeME brand was launched to provide a personalized medium as a part of the learning component. The first product line introduced under this brand is personalized learning rhymes. More concepts of personalized mediums for effective learning is work in progress. Also as a part of this brand we plan to encourage childhood expressions to be captured through different mediums

Coming up Next : Vitamin Simple Cabana - a school

  Estimated to open fourth quarter - '2018

Your Learning Capsules plans to open a small school. The Cabana will house less than 10 children in the first year. With this school, we will integrate the Vitamin Simple Way of Learning into the classroom and build Engaged Learning Integration classroom packages.


Your Learning Capsules - The Soul

We sincerely believe that education is a right and not a privelege. We thereby strive to bring an integrated package for each concept easily & economically accessible to schools, teachers & parents alike. In this digital era where information and technology join hands, we see ourselves as prime participants in the educational space to create the next generation of innovators by giving them a creative and a simplified learning platform. We encourage the parents and teachers to use the resources on this website as an aide to daily learning.

Kajal Dharod, Founder

Hi, I am Kajal Dharod and I warmly welcome you to my small venture , but my big passion.

I am a mom to a fantastic set of boy/girl twins. I love being a part of education, and my love for teaching and learning keeps growing as I indulge with my twins There is just so much to unlearn and learn. As I share this journey with you as a mommy-teacher , most of my resources will be published for free. Some selected projects will be converted into products/books to sell. I aspire to be creative and bring new themes or approaches or present inspired concepts all to make learning simple and fun.

I hold a Masters degree in Accounting, a Chartered Account and an MBA in Advertising and Communications Management. I worked in the Financial Software spectrum (SAP software) for about 13 years or so, and then took a mommy-hiatus. I re-discovered myself as an indulged education partner. I want to unlearn and learn, and in the process make learning an enjoyable journey for the kids. 

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