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About Us

Vitamin SimpleTM is the flagship brand of Your Learning Capsules. 

Vitamin SimpleTM has defined a proprietary learning method, "Vitamin Simple Learning Pedagogy."

The Vitamin Simple method of learning integrates the classic classroom teaching with the play and learn concepts, both through physical and digital mediums. In this digital era where information and technology join hands, Vitamin Simple intends to be a prime participant in the educational space by providing a creative and a simplified learning platform. 

Vitamin Simple Learning Pedagogy : Definition

Vitamin Simple combines 2 important components - Engaged Learning & Learning Integration.

What is Engaged Learning?

 “Learn by Doing”.

A student learns effectively and retains more information when he or she is involved in the subject through experimentation, activities and touch. 

What is Learning Integration?

Kids learn through different mediums, and all kids learn differently. Kids can learn through different mediums like books or songs or learn through one medium and reinforce the concepts through hands-on activities, apps, stickers, coloring, crafts, games and other engagements.

  • Vitamin Simple Learning Products aim to integrate learning through songs, books, activities, crafts, nature elements, known tales, technology, and keeping it progressive for the kids of this generation, and at the same time be deep-rooted in the classics. Instruction mediums both digital and physical. 

Vitamin Simple Learning Pedagogy : Process

LearnIntroduce a Concept - through songs, stories, illustation, pictures, flash cards, charts.

Engage: Understand a Concept - through hands-on activities, apps, stickers, coloring, crafts, games and other engagements.

Re-emphasizeApplication of a Concept - re-inforce learning or understand additional learning concepts through hands-on activities, apps, stickers, coloring, crafts, games and other engagements.

Vitamin Simple Learning Pedagogy : The Goal

"Make Learning Simple and Fun"

Learning is a rewarding process, simple & creative content like Vitamin Simple, can make children thrive in learning. We want to tickle the young minds with creativity, songs and techniques which improves memory and learning abilities. Also “re-emphasized” learning boosts children’s play time with hands-on and creative learning .


In the works : Vitamin Simple Cabana - a school

  Estimated to open  '2019

Vitamin Simple plans to open an experimental school. The Cabana will house less than 10 children in the first year. With this school, we will integrate the Vitamin Simple Learning Pedagogy into the classroom and build classroom learning packages.


Kajal Dharod, Founder

Image may contain: 3 people, including Kajal Dharod, people smiling, people sitting, snow, tree, outdoor and natureHi,

I am a mom to a fantastic set of boy/girl twins and I live near San Francisco. I love being a part of education, and my love for teaching and learning keeps growing as I indulge with my twins. Working with them,  I found an opportunity to unlearn and learn and participate in the learning process. 

I started this venture as a passionate mommy-teacher to make learning Simple and Fun. Since the very beginning my aim has been to make learning interesting and engaging and find a way where kids can love learning and not perceive it as a burden. In this digital era where information and technology join hands, I see this venture as a creative and a simplified learning platform for Gen Zee!

My passion for teaching can be tracked back to my school days when I loved tutoring friends and cousins. After graduating, I took up a short term teaching job at my undergraduate school. I hold a Masters degree in Accounting, a Chartered Accountant and an MBA in Advertising and Communications Management. I worked for 13 years in the Financial Software spectrum (SAP software) as a strategic consultant and worked on projects with media giants like Universal Studios, Warner Bros, Technicolor and Deluxe Media, most of it in Los Angeles.

When my kids turned 2, I took a mommy-hiatus, and this is when I re-discovered myself as an indulged education partner with an aim to make learning an enjoyable journey for kids. 

I hope you found exactly what you are looking for – and you love it!

Feel free to contact me personally at

Thanks for visiting!

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