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Vitamin Simple UNBOX are activity packages that tickle the kids imaginations and provide fun ways to look, group, sort and understand a variety of topics.
In this fast paced digital age, its not about thinking out of the box, there is just no box !
Vitamin Simple UNBOX are activities where"Think outs the box".


Vitamin Simple UNBOX activities use inexpensive and widely available resources and provide simplified and creative learning opportunities.

Each Vitamin Simple UNBOX package is scaleable for kids from ages 3 to 9. These activities packages help the kids to play , learn and explore through observation and hands-on participation.

For example, learning about the SUN, Moon and Earth machinery, at the age of 3-5, you can use these activities to demonstrate the concept of revolution, rotation, the sizes. As the child grows, his/her participation level can be improved and challenged and he/she can build a working model ,learn more facts like how the sun, moon and earth align to create different eclipses. Join us on Facebook for activities and discussions, informational posts, book club and more.

Current Releases

Halloween Fun and Learn


Explore 3D Shapes


Trending Diwali Activites


Hopscotch and Learn

Jump dial – a phone hopscotch
Cardinal Directions NSWE hopscotch
Solar system hopscotch
Hopscotch Bingo Buster – Math
Make Music – Sing along hopscotch


Paper Plate Projects

Live Moon/Moon Mirror
Shadow Dial (primer to Sun Dial)
Food Fractions Puzzle
Doodle Plate
An Earth Geoboard – Latitudes and Longitudes


Alphabet Wonder

Alphabet duet- fun alphabet creations
Alphabet Siblings – human alphabet creations
Qwerty Keyboard – diy laptop crafts
Alphabets iSpy- alphabets around the house
Popsicle Sticks Alphabet Stencil Mat


Twins and Like

Twin w(ord)isdom – words and alphabet playsheet
Mario Bros. Coin Sorting and Constellations play sheet
Siamese Twins – English, Shapes and iSPy playsheet
International Animal Twin – 1 to 10 in 3 languages
Flag Twins and Cousins – grouping and sorting World Flags


India Independence day

Make my India – Clean, Green and United crafts activity
Make an India Day Fair – crafts and collage activity
India Freedom Train – make a Train mat , take a ride and learn about India’s Freedom Struggle
Tricolor Activities – activity suggestions and play sheets
People of India – celebrate freedom fighters and learn about Prime Ministers of India


Lord Ganesha Festival(India)

Lord Ganesha story crafts
Lord Ganesha finger family song
Lord Ganesha visarjan craft
Make your own Ganesha and mouse – cut and paste templates
Lord Ganesha color and frame activity


Color Mingle

Colors Kitchen
Playdough color mingle
Light and glass color mingle
The skittles experiment
Cellophane wrap/glasses
Primary, Seconday and Color Wheel printables


Coming up Next

Popsicle Sticks Learning and Earth basics