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Theme: Diwali Art, Crafts and Printables

An interactive and engaging Diwali with the kids.

“The greatness of the culture can be found in its festivals”

I welcome you to this Vitamin Simple UNBOX to bond with your children through arts and craftsfor the Diwali festivities. Art also encourages well rounded education and development of children. Every Diwali we have been doing some fun activities at home - Rangoli , Diya coloring , paper lanterns ….This year, I wanted to compile some new and creative ideas for Diwali activities. Here are 10 trendy and simple Diwali activities you can try with your kids. Happy Happy Diwali celebrations to you and yours!

Activity 1: Paraffin paper/Wax paper Diwali Lanterns

Kids can use markers , glitter glue or colors and doodle on wax/paraffin paper. Fold in a cylindrical shape. Insert a battery operated tea light and make beautiful Diwali lantern. (Caution don't place a real candle in a paper lantern)

With my kids we did leaf painting and printing to make these beautiful lanterns. Color the leaves and then rub them on the paraffin/wax paper. My son decided to color stamp the leaves with his legs, and my daughter printed the leaves with her hands. (Our theme at home is "Fall" this Diwali )

Activity 2: Bangle Lanterns

Idea and pictures contributed by a Super Mom - Sharanya Ramakrishnan

I came across this beautiful Diwali bangles lantern put together by a super mom with her kid with some old bangles and things at home. I loved it and its something I did with my kids as part of my 5 days of Diwali festivities and decorations at home.

Create your own beautiful Diwali lanterns - you can also add counting the bangles, sorting bangle by colors or size when working with your kids on this beautiful creation.

Activity 3: Edible Rangoli

Sorting and counting Math afternoon as we start our preparations for Diwali festivities.

I wanted the kids to help me with some Diwali platters for gifting. This was a simple , learning and engaging activity - we will be making edible Rangoli plates the next few days keeping the kids busy and at the same time making some dry fruit/chocolate platters for gifting.

I mixed up a few dry fruits and chocolate chips- the first activity was to sort, group and count (and skip counting). Second activity was to help me with the design- the second platter was my kids idea to make a flower with stem so I helped with a simple ideation process.You can make Edible Rangoli with any food items - sweets, cookies, fruits.

Activity 4: Diwali Dance

Say hi to Devanshi Kothari, who is a "cool" choreographer and is just fantastic with kids.

She has made a Diwali Dance video for kids with simple and easy to follow dance steps on the song "Happy Diwali"

When I joined preschool math class my kids were 2.5 years old and surprisingly dancing was a big part of the math class. Teacher Verna always says you learn Math when you are dancing -- count steps, following instructions , left and right, making shapes , following patterns etc.. Dance , learn and add more joy to your house with these dance movements.

Diwali Dance Video:

Activity 5: Water Rangoli –a beautiful centerpiece!

Idea and pictures contributed by a Super Mom -Seema Desai - Katti

I loved this activity from Seema and wanted to add it to my list this year. Its a fun sensory and creative activity for kids. It also reminds me of my childhood days when I made aarti plates with my mom and grandma using ghee and kumkum powder - simple fun elements of festivities.

Simple steps to follow -

Step 1: Apply oil on the plate

Step 2: Make a beautiful Rangoli design. You can use Rangoli seives , other cutout templates or just free form. The design will stick to the plate because of the oil.

Step 3: Slowly add water. The water will float over the Rangoli design.

At my house, my kids help me make a Diwali centerpiece. They made a rainbow Rangoli and then I added some floating flowers on the top.

Activity 6: Rangoli Lakshmiji footprints

In Hinduism, Goddess Lakshmi is regarded as the Goddess of wealth and prosperity. Lakshmi footprints are drawn or accessory purchased and placed at the entry way pointing inwards symbolizing Lakshmi (wealth) entering the home and staying there forever.

This year we created colorful Rangoli footprints and a welcome mat instead of buying the Lakshmiji footprints for Diwali porch decorations. This mat with the kids footprints symbolizes the immense wealth of happiness, joy and festivities our children bring into the house.

Steps to make this fun and beautiful Diwali creation:
Step 1- Trace your kids footprints
Step 2- Spread glue inside the footprint
Step 3 - Decorate with Rangoli colors and glitter
Step 4 - Cutout the Footprints and stick to a cardboard mat and decorate with flowers/stickers and messages

Activity 7: Innovative Rangoli Puzzle

Idea and pictures contributed by a Super Mom - Payal Agarwal
Hand made cardboard cutouts for hours and hours of fun imaginative play - this is an innovative free play and Diwali Rangoli idea .. I love it, and you guys must try it out too over the festive weekend

Steps :
1. Cutout different shapes in the Cardboard.
2. Apply glue (fevicol works great)
3. Sprinkle a lot of glitter and let it dry. It will become really hard with the glitter and glue.
4. Decorate with accessories, buttons, laces etc..

Activity 8: Pulses/Beans Swastika

I have a beans jar which I use and reuse for decorative purposes and sensory play for the kids. We bring it out often to play measuring spoons and pretend kitchen. For Diwali, I wanted to introduce the kids to some Hindu/Diwali symbols like Aum, Swastika, Lotus flower and more.

Since I have reusable beans jar (its actually a beans Eiffel tower which adorns my kitchen window), we had to sort the beans first. I showed my kids the picture of Swastika and we talked a little about it. Swastika literally means "good to-be" and is a popular symbol decorated outside the homes specially in Diwali. We then made a Swastika using these pulses/beans and set it in the kitchen as a part of Diwali decorations.

There is an interesting article about the history of Swastika –

Activity 9: Floating Diwali

A super simple dry erase markers expirement. Draw small Diwaliisms on a glass plate or tinfoil with new dry erase markers. Let the ink dry and then slowly pour water slowly on the drawings. Wait for the objects to lift up and then blow the objects with a straw.

We did the following - floating candles, The spirit of Aum and a floating Rangoli

This is a super fun idea to introduce different concepts - add a giggle this Diwali and try these floating Diwali experiments. This activity is inspired by the racing spiders experiment.

(Note: This activity works best with new dry erase markers. Some tin foils may not work, try it out on ceramic or glass plates, if the experiment works then the dry erase markers are ok and the problem is the tin foil. Also, do not use washable dry erase markers just regular dry erase markers)

Activity 10: Green Fireworks

Baking soda and Vinegar - the classic fireworks

Take some colors , a box of baking soda and vinegar and make fun sparkling fireworks and enjoy green and amusing Diwali festivities.


1. Put drops of colors in the pan or a big mixing bowl

2. Put lots of baking soda in the pan

3. Add vinegar - slowly at the start and maybe a big explosion in the end - smaller quantities of vinegar will keep the kids busy a little longer, you can even use droplets.

Other Traditional Diwali Activities with Kids – Diya coloring and Rangoli

Also in addition to the above activities, we continued the tradition to decorate our house as the 5 days of Diwali festivities start. For diya painting this year instead of using water colors we used oil, Rangoli colors and lots of sparkle. We lined up the diyas with a flower with an "AB" pattern - flower, diya, flower, diya...

Then we did Rangoli with help of Rangoli seive and made a small Diwali corner in the house which we will enhance with more kids creations through 5 days of Diwali festivities.
Our house is lit , and with a lot of happiness and laughter we welcome Diwali.