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Theme:Paper Plate Projects

You may have seen many blogs and groups sharing many many paper plate crafts creations, like paper plate clocks, paper plate animals and so much more. I am going to make this activity package really interesting with introduction of unique learning concepts with paper plate and really simple crafts.

#paperplatelearn There are no printables for the paper plate projects. They are hands on creations using paper plates. I recommend you print this page as a reference when working on the paper plate projects.

Activity 1: Live Moon/Moon Mirror

Create this simple yet a wonderful learning experience with your kids - all you need is paper plate, colors and chalk! Learn about the different moon phases and create a live Moon mirror with this activity. Live Moon/Moon Mirror Instruction Guide:

Activity 2: Shadow Dial Coloring (a primer to the Sun Dial concept)

You need: A paper plate, a pencil or straw, some colors, a flashlight or phone torch light.
Lay the foundation of learning the sun dial, by first introducing this fun coloring Shadow dial activity. On one half of the paper plate, mark different points with different colors. Flash the light on the pencil from the marker points, and ask the kid to color the shadow line with the matching color. Turn the flash light around the plate to show the moving shadow like a clock movement.

Here are some video links of this project:
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Activity 3: Food Fractions Puzzle

You need: 4 paper plates (half ,quarters, sixths,eighths), scissors , crayons and sketch pens/markers You can make this craft more fancier with cutouts, shredded papers , glue and tapes etc . These are simple creations by my 4 year olds and my finishing touches..

Create paper plate food - we created - chocolate chip cookie, water melon , pizza and a slice of orange. For the seeds and toppings etc use sketch pens first and then on top we colored with crayons

Once the food is ready - create reference lines for your kids or if they are older ask them to draw it.

This craft can be used for different age groups - the very young ones can play it like a puzzle, then they can count the number of parts to the whole, as they grow older learn part names - halfs, quarters etc, then they can start making dividing lines and cutting when they are ready and scale it as the kids get older to write the fractions , draw and cut fractions etc... and all ages can color and make the paper plate foods - simple or fancy ones

To help the kids draw the fraction lines or cut the lines , you can use this explanation -
Cut in Half - a standing line
Cut in Quarters - a standing line and sleeping line
Cut in Sixths - a cross and sleeping line
Cut in Eighths - a cross ,standing line and sleeping line

Here are some video links of this project:
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Activity 4: DIY Doodle Plate

You can use this diy doodle plate to doodle alphabets/numbers/anything... any plate in your house can be repurposed for this diy easy doodle craft. Great doodle craft for all age groups. I have a doodled continents on this doodle plate!

You need: Paper plate, melted butter, unsharpened pencil, food color powder/rangoli or holi colors/turmeric/kumkum color /color chalk powder /flour/salt/sand any sensory powder spread

Activity 5: Earth Geoboard

A hands on way to introduce latitudes, longitudes, equator and prime meridian with this simple craft.Involve the kids to paint a globe view on the paper plate. Put push pins or nails around the paper plate. With pipe cleaners or yarn or shoelace whatever is handy tie north and South Pole to show the Prime Meridian , equator and longitudes and latitudes - older kids can do this activity hands on , and younger kids can observe their paper plate craft with these extra dressings. Alternatively, the kids can draw latitude and longitude lines on the paper plates

You need: Paper plate, push pins or small nail pins and pipe cleaner/shoe lace/yarn/color pens. (Important: Do not use rubber bands on a paper plate geo board. If you want to protect the push pins on the back, you can use earring backings.)