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Vitamin Simple TM

Vitamin Simple wants to bring learning to the preschool and elementary school kids with a creative approach. We believe learning should be a part of our daily routine, and can come from simple things we do and see every day. The program offers a variety of content - math to maps, more about trucks, engines etc., and fun animal information, amusing experiments, and the list is infinite.

We introduce different topics through an engaged learning process through Vitamin Simple Song Capsules and Vitamin Simple UNBOX activity packages, Vitamin Simple Song Capsules adopts a 3 step learning methodology for every concept:

Learn: A proprietary song and video (a 2 minute capsule)

Engage: Circle time with a Storyboard Activity Template to play along with the song

Re-emphasize: Reinforce learning through unique arts and crafts, innovative games, storytelling, outdoor and sensory activities and more.

Vitamin Simple UNBOX are activity packages that tickle the kids imaginations. These activities use inexpensive and widely available resources and provide a simplified and creative learning platform. The UNBOX activity packages enable engaged learning where the kids play, learn and explore a variety of topics.

Our primary goal is to create love towards learning in the formative years of children, trying to ensure that they do not perceive it as a burden.

Learning is a rewarding process, simple & creative content like Vitamin Simple, can make children thrive in learning. We want to tickle the young minds with creativity, songs and techniques which improves memory and learning abilities. Also “re-emphasized” learning boosts children’s play time with hands-on and creative learning ideas.

We sincerely believe that Education is a Right and not a Privilege.

We thereby strive to bring an integrated package for each concept easily & economically accessible to schools, teachers & parents alike.

In this digital era where information and technology join hands, we see ourselves as prime participants in the educational space to create the next generation of innovators by giving them a creative and simplified learning platform.

We encourage the parents and teachers to use these capsule videos and play along templates as an aide to daily learning at home and school.